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  • player needs in game

    -Lower Alsacian tempering, ellun cost on insurance is high, tempering stones are mostly inadequate.
    -Change Akrat mini wb quest to any hit gets credit.
    -Fix 'cannot move' shrine error in spire.
    -Increase Courage certificate drop rates.
    -Increase Torkai sandstone drop rates.
    -Increase legendary Dragon marks drop in Titans.
    -Remove indestructible from heroic/elite mark enigma chests.
    -Remove indestructible from Lair Key and control stones.

    Make server announcements more customizable. IDC who got ruinous/karasha/Exalted. IDC who tamed karresh or poyo. I want to turn these things off so my chat window isn't spammed the entire time, but I do want to see familiar/wb spawns.

    the tempering is a major issue for players. many people quit this season with +6 alsacian gear because its simply too much of a grind and they ran out of 170 stones. then to make the 190s usable you must have a charm/talisman/title/potion/divinefavor/jewelry. it's a bit over the top. gear was too easy to get.

    The drop rates on some of the listed items are so low that it's just not even worth trying for anymore. after awhile of farming and farming you realize the drop rates are so low it just isn't worth the investment of time.
  • cold blooded heritic...

    the boss stays up. occasionally groups down him. no one really cares about him though.. he's been up more than not since he was introduced.. I read in discord that he was intended to only drop loot to first hit. I got to say that is a very very sad decision that was made. it really killed a great element of competition in the game. my suggestion. give him 5 boxes to drop for 5 groups. you waste the content otherwise. there wasn't much reason to create him as no one really kills him. just seems to me to be a very poor decision. but wasted content isn't new here. I don't want to rant just say .. he's wasted content imo, but also in the opinion of many other players who do actually play the game. it's like tranua and attaius when they came out the second time. 3 groups killed them (got weak loot) and everyone else was just bored...
  • let the Taming Buff stay/be normal

    idk about all that. but i will say they do need to do better with events. double xp weekends and also rare drop weekends. content will stale out very very quickly when the buff drops off. but it's inevitable anyway.
  • 13th graveon fail. i think the system

    @daeni you right.. i feel pretty dumb that when i started failing him i thought "ok well if i fail 10 times then i get a fated" so i just sucked it up and kept attempting the light at the end of the tunnel was the fated mark. this unfortunate oversite sucks for us players.. sucks that you failed shakiba so much, the rng is just too all over the place because when i got a mark for shakiba from daily rewards tamed it first try. 1 person in game rejoices for rng the other leaves the game because of rng. surely there is a lesson to be learned from this.

    my suggestion would be to make taming fated marks repeatable and only require 5 fails in a row. if you tame then you start over. none of this 13 attempts and still no tame. the entire system has the downs and needs a revamp..
    this hurts no one and undermines nothing.. just relieves frustration. keeps people in the game rather than angry and on the forums searching for a different game that doesn't P you off so much.
    i can understand the 10 per fated for the parnas familiars, they are the starters and the marks are given away from old world bosses. but the new zone stuff especially the legendary ones the marks are just too hard to make to let people get so worked up.

    ?I think that when you start getting responses from the "gms" like this
    GM Eszyer
    Yesterday at 21:25
    Hey there Rider,

    I am sorry that you feel that way towards the concern.We have no control over the chances of you taming the familiar Graveon. Please be advised that the chances are based on a RNG system and is giving random result chances to all players...

    then the game can no longer hide under the beta umbrella with a straight face (which it should have long dropped that). because when you aren't open to new ideas then it's not beta. it's just the way the game is.
  • Confused about Costumes and the shop item's.

    wait a second.. you mean to tell me you don't care for military uniforms and swimming shorts???!!? wow I thought everyone loved wearing underwear in fantasy games. bikinis really make characters look powerful and awesome..