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  • player needs in game

    -Lower Alsacian tempering, ellun cost on insurance is high, tempering stones are mostly inadequate.
    -Change Akrat mini wb quest to any hit gets credit.
    -Fix 'cannot move' shrine error in spire.
    -Increase Courage certificate drop rates.
    -Increase Torkai sandstone drop rates.
    -Increase legendary Dragon marks drop in Titans.
    -Remove indestructible from heroic/elite mark enigma chests.
    -Remove indestructible from Lair Key and control stones.

    Make server announcements more customizable. IDC who got ruinous/karasha/Exalted. IDC who tamed karresh or poyo. I want to turn these things off so my chat window isn't spammed the entire time, but I do want to see familiar/wb spawns.

    the tempering is a major issue for players. many people quit this season with +6 alsacian gear because its simply too much of a grind and they ran out of 170 stones. then to make the 190s usable you must have a charm/talisman/title/potion/divinefavor/jewelry. it's a bit over the top. gear was too easy to get.

    The drop rates on some of the listed items are so low that it's just not even worth trying for anymore. after awhile of farming and farming you realize the drop rates are so low it just isn't worth the investment of time.
  • Akrat Mini Worldboss Quest Nearly Impossible Now.

    He's right though. This can all be fixed by making kill credit go to anyone who hit the boss. Or does 5% damage. I said it needed to be changed as soon as the content released. It causes so much anger on the servers. Competition is one thing.. this has been causing some pretty nasty altercations since the content dropped.

    Exact locations are good to keep players from spending excessive time hunting a boss that is already dead. Which will turn more people off to the content.

    Mini bosses are a problem. It's a good idea but it needs some fine tuning to be more inclusive. It gets annoying to be asked for pts so people I wouldn't ordinarily group with can get credit. When it's those same people who lock many others out of other more exclusive world boss content.

  • cold blooded heritic...

    the boss stays up. occasionally groups down him. no one really cares about him though.. he's been up more than not since he was introduced.. I read in discord that he was intended to only drop loot to first hit. I got to say that is a very very sad decision that was made. it really killed a great element of competition in the game. my suggestion. give him 5 boxes to drop for 5 groups. you waste the content otherwise. there wasn't much reason to create him as no one really kills him. just seems to me to be a very poor decision. but wasted content isn't new here. I don't want to rant just say .. he's wasted content imo, but also in the opinion of many other players who do actually play the game. it's like tranua and attaius when they came out the second time. 3 groups killed them (got weak loot) and everyone else was just bored...
  • Confused about Costumes and the shop item's.

    wait a second.. you mean to tell me you don't care for military uniforms and swimming shorts???!!? wow I thought everyone loved wearing underwear in fantasy games. bikinis really make characters look powerful and awesome..
  • 13th graveon fail. i think the system

    Hexpiker wrote: »
    Kirrith wrote: »
    Hexpiker wrote: »
    Kirrith wrote: »
    I did try once and went full red except keypresses, then i told myself its not worth it.

    And new heroic marks? 2 days back i was trying to drop some sandstone for crafting, but didnt get any after 2 hours of farming. Havent loged in game since, dont feel like i want to play anymore. The design is terrible, they should have chosen between grind and RNG, but no, they gave us both. Why dont they just made repeatable quest like: kill 3x50 mobs and get sandstone? You get grind without RNG and it would be atleast worth it to spend time in this game, and not like 2 hours and nothing. It really drives you away from playing more when you know that time you spent in game was completely worthless.

    where do u farm the sandstones? o-o

    As the items itself say, i was farming in Chaos Elf Camp for an hour and then on that Island at the end of Canyon for another hour and nothing.

    mmm i usually farm tekanin and elicuno sandstones on el canin island from elites and in one hour i farm around 10-15 sandstones in total o-o, same with the lvl 55 elites out of lenanzar, so i dont know why u didnt get more stones e-e

    man those elites pretty hard to kill and I'm a strong sin. how you kill so many in an hour?