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  • Ellora's Spire Ranking "BROKEN"

    For the 1st couple of weeks that the spire was out, my 2 characters that could do the spire, my priest and ranger were getting their daily scores added together for the "Weekly" score to get my rankings. After that my priests scores were still being added together for another week or so, but my rangers scores would get reset back to 0 with no highest floor cleared. Last week my priests scores got reset to 0 once and not all of her daily scores were added, but luckily still managed to get a box with my priest. Last week my rangers scores got reset to 0 twice. When the spire 1st came out I was doing my runs within a few hours after daily (nightly) resets. I'm on CST, so reset is at night for me. Last week into this week I've only been able to do the night before's reset the next morning to afternoon. Today with my ranger it put today's score in the box on the left, but my ranking of 64 still showed yesterdays score on it. Could you please clarify if the scores/ranking is still a total of each days score for the week or highest score of the week now. If it's still a total of each days score. Please fix this bug. Getting frustrated with the constant bugs. With all the resets to 0, basically doing the spire run for the 5 alluns, little bit of gold and few crafting mats.
    If anyone else is having this problem, please add to this thread.

    Thank you in advance for looking into this.
    Shan Rackham