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A bird enthusiast and a digital artist. Tames dragons at times. Find me at http://jemichi.deviantart.com

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  • [WINNERS] Festive Fall Fanart Contest

    IGN: JeMiChi
    Server: Koroshimo


    For me, fall means rain and puddles, slippery roads, and muddy pawprints. It's also migrating birds and mushrooms under the trees. It's when the weather can be either very warm or very cold, but you are going to need an umbrella in either case (or a dragon's wing, if there's one available).

    For a long time I've wanted to draw Rondo during happier times - before everything froze and / or turned undead.. Then I got this silly idea of him taking all of his puppies for a walk while Aisha watches from the safety of Kerav's wings (I'm assuming this dragon was there even before the "ice age", but I'm not sure when did Rondo tame him. But whether he's been tamed or not, he likes Aisha - like nearly everyone at Parna did).
  • [Q&A] Mount Skin Design Contest

    Awesome contest! I'm glad we got this opportunity, even when I'm a bit disappointed at the variety of the chosen entries as well. But they are all great designs that deserve the attention, even if they weren't my favorites. I was honestly surprised to see only two of my favorites on that list (and I had a lot), but I guess the judges like very different stuff than I do. xD
    Either way, congratulations to the finalists and good luck!
    And to every other designer that was left out like me, you'd honestly ALL deserve a prize for the effort you put in those amazing designs! There were so many that I would have loved to see in the game!
  • [FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

    IGN and Server :
    JeMiChi - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Pyrrhura Griffin

    A short description of your concept:
    This design combines several of my interests. First of all, griffins - obviously. Griffins are my favorite type of mount for their design and they got me interested in the game to begin with. I'm still hoping we'll eventually get to see heroic / legendary griffins, like Kegriff in the game.
    Also parrots, which I have loved since I was a toddler. The natives in the area consider these clever birds their reincarnated ancestors.
    I also love pirates, and parrots go well with that theme, as they are traditionally thought as the faithful companions of those fierce sailors, but those exotic creatures were also smuggled for trade by pirates because of their colorful plumage and intelligence.
    The coloration of this griffin is based on my own pet pearly conure (parrot), and the name "Pyrrhura Griffin" comes from Latin - the Pyrrhura genus of conures. Conures are quite small but extremely fierce and would definitely challenge a dragon if given the chance. In this griffin form it can finally have a large enough body for that attitude. :)
    All the accessories are optional for the design, but they tell his story as a pirate's companion. The saddle and armor are pretty obvious, but the golden jewelry was the seafarer's way to ensure he made his final trip to his homeland if his adventures were to end suddenly.

    Full view / Download HERE

    Full view / Download HERE

    There are so many cool designs here! I'd honestly love to see all of them in the game!
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  • [WINNERS] CoL Mounts Fan Art Contest

    IGN: JeMiChi
    Server: Koroshimo

    Torkai fetch

    Aaaah, there are so many amazing artworks here already!!!! <3
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