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  • Dear Devs..

    Cream wrote: »
    Having more information as for server and/or regions would help, Rider! ;)

    @Cream EU server Akauldus - Dungeons would be in Parna coast. Frost Keep and Caven of Veil & indeed any of the lvl 40 dungeons too.

    To add Legendary Seal Extractors and most importantly Legendary Refine Stones (armour/weapon)

    See you added all this tons of new gear, 3 sets now. but now way of obtaining the parts we actually need to make them right, or you hide them away so much that no-one can access them, due to lack of players trying to get the teams... just no-one is intersted in running them anymore as there is never any point/rewards... - There is never any in the market, (and if there is, way too high price) 2000G for a RnG chance of failure is a real lot to swallow, sorry but it just is! that and the cost in elluns needed too.

    Thank-you for listening.

  • The new Gear, mechanics and Broken Game

    Lets put it a different way why the game is turning into a P2W.

    Its a simple variable in maths really. - I mean, there you are on your Karasha/Exhalted gear.. you have spent many many months refining, taming, tempering your seals to +5 for max output, transcending etc. and your in a happy place....

    New gear stirs the pot, ASC is crazy good. but to change.. you need to first get all new seals, (18) or extract them from your current gear.. THIS alone is like a headache. firstly for me (might be different for you) but I have a few ellora shop seals that I was lucky enough to win when I brought a few luckyboxes (Plush poreons etc) adn some I brought with market gold. - all these are not replaceable and are a key element for my build.

    Now.. the game Hides away the things you need most of all.. impossible to get. but HA. funny enough there they are in the ellora shop, waiting to be purchased!

    There is no way around it, I dont need to upgrade.. but I dont want to be left behind either, I Have the exhlated set I want, All 5 peices, but the time/cost of it all is very worrying.

    So lets break it down. - I need to spend 30 elluns for one extractor (as market does not stock them for the last few weeks) and I grinded dung after dung on L5 to try and get them, but to no avail.

    30 x 18 = 540 Elluns Just to extract.
    Then next is the tempering. so add easy another 2000 Elluns for all peices to at least +18
    Then refining, add another 300 or so.
    Thats 3000 (approx) elluns before Im back where I want to be.

    This is hardly motivation, and is not easy to just swap gear as you like.
    Its a long road, im patient sure. - some will say, just get all the tames again.. well thats the thing. I dont want to have to do the whole tame/level thing, as that will take months as it is!.. - People are already on full ASC gear...

    I play every day., for 5+ hours, so Im one of the "hardcore" players I guess, and never see progress so slow in any game I prev played...

    These are the cold hard truths.

    And they say the game is not P2W.. the devs release these things knowing that they have given people the time to max there current gear, then they can cash in on the impatitent ones wanting to do the jump.. the Elitist ones. that then, in turn look down uponn everyone else becasue they thing they are "gods".. BS!

    The game needs a better way to upgrade. and once again. STOP PUNISHING YOUR PLAYERBASE!

    And for those that thinking im moaning.. Hell yes I am!. and I have every right!,, its too daunting to have to start over.. once again... and knowing that by the time I finally do this.. another set will be out.. and it will be all over again..

    There needs to be a Migrate system in place where you can swap seals between gears you have without extractors..
  • Is this really the quest daily reward?

    Agree to all the above really. with addition, that the coders just throw the code at game and expect us to be happy. well guess what WE ARE NOT. - and the big problem is the fact we have GM's here but they dont really care what we have to say most of the time (its not there job) I would of expected at least part of the design/dev team to post here, to help us understand the direction fo the game, and so we can offer feedback that is real!.

    They gave us new lvl cap but did not give us the new skills to go with it.
    They gave us new recipes, that we can craft yet.
    They gave us new gear that we cant temper yet (lack of stones)
    They gave us new mounts that we cant tame yet.
    They gave us a market that is for spammers and rich folks (P2W)

    The game just needs good balance and it will be there. - ALL loot needs to be changed/looked at. the cash shop is fine, but DONT make a game that really makes the playerbase miserable with FAIL this FAIL that.. we dont spent our time to fail.. its a game.. are computer games not suppose to be beat? so you feel superior and good about winning?

    RnG needs sorting out, Loot needs sorting out, Elluns needs addressing, Dungeons need addressing, some of the Chrs abilities really need addressing.... I will stop here.

    But you get the point!
  • The new Gear, mechanics and Broken Game

    @Aellae I think your onto something with the temper thing (Dont get me started on that either.. pfft)

    But maybe they can change it so its like pet tempering? - WE can put smaller stones for early levels of temper up to +9, then after that, use a combo of 170+190 Until the gauge says very high.. as you move up to above +20 then you will need Blessed (from fam adventures) and 220 stones.

    I dunno, if its iron out correctly, would be a nice system!
  • The new Gear, mechanics and Broken Game

    Ok so, the new gear is great.. really great, and this has in turn heightened the problem for the game, at least this is the case for my sever.. Let me explain.

    We had Karasha, LV 40, this was great (still is if stsats/seals are right) and Kept players happy for a long while. - now?. its nothing but a good starter set, you can see this by the prices, really good stats are selling really cheap, the MARKET is really the only place to get top stat equipment these days. as lack of drops and RnG chances are way to low to Dungrun for them.

    Then we Have Exhaled gear, this is a upgrade on Karasha, sure its good!, but even now the market has overpriced anything of good quality for "normal" players to obtain.. The ONLY place to get these (pre update) was Fracture, or Elders coin runs.. and again the chance of you actually rolling high enough to win said item, or if you do, the chances of it being to your liking is once again a moot point. as with always.. you head to the Market. and its just frightening. however these will come down in price soon now that asc gear is here.

    And that leads me onto just that.. ASC gear.. Yes I get that its new, I get that its shiny. but, wow amazing!. really nice sets, you have an extra stat and the set bonus is great too, the problem is, that once again.. "normal" players are simply been put out of reach for them. and on market they are selling for absolute silly money. (5K gold per piece) and they are not even great stats) - sure again they are new. but some things drop in price and other thing stick.. This and Exhalted will stick.

    Now lets talk about the longterm problem. - Nexon have now divided the game into Elitist rich kids vs the rest. - see, to get to the good stuff you must play on harder levels of dung.. for example L3 Tos+ and L3+ EB - Normal folks cant do this well, and good teams only will accept the better players because they dont have the time or patience to "fail" ok so nothing really new here, but watching the noticeboards the last week has been really evident of this, as for me? well Ims tuck in the middle between Karasha+Exhalted so I take care of my own game and can run with the bigboys and smaller lesser so teams.

    But, when you are on a team and want to do well, your perhaps guild friends cant join because you know they will not cut the grade.. so all of a sudden it becomes a game of "whos better" then of course. you end up sitting there all day waiting for a team, but nothing happens as most dont/cant run L1 dungs by themselves.. as its crazy you need to run a emblem quest to run a dungeon to run a emblem quest.. and from what I have read in gen chat. most really cant be bothered, and will not pay 5 elluns for a hard dung that does not reap its rewards.

    Ok we have the problem, so how do we fix it. well easy really.

    Get rid of the Silly emblem quests.. ITS A GAME.. stop punishing people into NOT actually playing the game, LET them play it!.. let them do dungs as much as they want.. its hardly farming is it!.. in fact I wish it was farmable then we might see a decrease in market prices.

    Let Ex drop in normal dungeons too. L2-5 Matron/FK this will motivate people to play the emblem quests to get to higher dungeons.. or help them gear up.

    Give us somewhere to earn gold for goodness sake. - there really is nowhere apart from the same Tame/Seal and sell. - but that has really lots its flavour now.. with prices at an all time low for seals. as the game is simply not bringing in new players so much these days..

    Just alter the loot tables everywhere, and actually do things correctly. - there is too much garbage around and not enough "oooh thats cool glad we did this dung" lets do another soon!.. situations.. you see? Help players enjoy the game, and in turn you will get to reap the rewards. the game has SO much potential but all this micro transaction ellun stealing things and not being able to play the game, or help others is getting a little thin and worn out now.

    Anyway.. I hope this sorts itself out. as Im sick of seeing my friends get kicked because they dont make the grade of Elitsim...its only getting worse as time goes on!. this needs to STOP now. before it gets out of hand.