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  • +15 Legendary weapon tempering stone level limit?

    guys... why you dont read the item specifications?


    Clearly say Lv 61 or higter items cant be used...

    You need stones lv240 or 250 and when you temper your wpon you must use ellora's buff... tempering potion... if you have tamago sushi and depend of the item days you can get between 5%-20% tempering... and you can use also a tempering talisman 9%.. or if you have that christmas skin you will get around 10-15% i done remenber exactly... and you will need ELUNS!!!

    Also playing ellora's sphire "sometimes" some boss rarely drop a Blessed Tempering stone... or if you have luck with ellora's weekly reward you can get a blessed temp stone x3 or the ellora's monthly reward can give you a blessed stome pack x5 with all my time playing ellora's aphire just one time i got a blessed stone pack x3 weekly and one monthly x5

    Another way... farm gold... and try to buy the blessed stones... the normal price was around 1.2-1.6k gold but now you can see those stones around 2.8-3.6k gold.... and finally you can buy a pack with NX and get 2 blessed stones...

  • Ellandfel Merry Event

    Is the same with the Art Event for those ppl that we didnt get chosen, the topic say: you will get the rewards on 25th of December 23:59 UTC It's December 28th and at least me.... i never got any reward...( Ellun (50 Pack), Premium (5 Day) and Ancient Turimnan Alloy x1.)
  • Ellandfel Merry Event

    Nitra wrote: »
    This whole event is a total fail...
    The last events...

    When the Halloween Event was realesed no more Abyssal Coiste Bodhar...

    Do you remenber the event where we needed 250 coins for to get a Legendary Seal Extractor +7 but we could only get 2 coins per day...
    They gave us 180 as competation... t the end i only got 1 extractor...

    With the Christmas event is the same... normally the dice game had 5 times now 7.... This will be the first time that I do not think I can finish the dice game... a free roll and you can get only 2 more if you complete the quest...

    With the event Defending Ellandfel Gifts i just completed the quest 1 time... the next 4 times i failed.... i defeated the last wave and STILL fail the event... im not sure... maybe a bug...not sure or jts bad luck...so i only got 2 Saint´s Snowflake... someone can tell me how i can get 200 saints snowflakes for to get a Saints lucky present...
    I only can get 2 per day and i only can play the quest 1 time...

    And finally... no more sainted festive reindeer...

    I already said something about the Soluna the shoulder spiroon... the argument from GM was "permanent shoulder accesory hasnt stats" someone can explain me how i got and im not the only one... i got a Poyo shoulder accesory Permanent with 2 stats (+HP and %drop rate) from the dice game when i completed the dice 5 times... the same way from the dice game with the slot "?" you get random item i got sakura skin permanent with stats...

    Why you dont sell that item? i mean the soluna witout stats cost 4,900 NX honestly... im not rich but if you buy the soluna shoulder spiroon with stats for 10k NX, i can pay it... if you think about that item will help the veteran and new players...

    Please NEXON think of your loyal base of players!!!

    You aslo removed the Blessed Tempering Stones from the de monthly rewards... You were giving us 1 per month.. after in the middle of the year you gave us 2 per month and after.. i dont remenber if was from August or October you removed the Blessing Stones completely... ITS NOT EASY temper tenmajin weapons/armors... those blessing tones that you removed helped me to complete my full alsacian set +25...

  • Can't enter Christmas event

    @Cream where i can find the Sainted Festive Reindeer? they are not at the same place like the last year... today i got a mark...
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