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  • Breakdown of the Rabbini Cup event

    I have to agree with pretty much all of what you are saying here. Sadly in my opinion the only ones that will have some good chance in this event are people who is max level and with a good amount of gold in game. The victorious energy item can be obtain on the market broker, still it is a really big amount of gold that a person would have to spend in order to get the 10 marks if they fail 10 times.

    I can tell you as a personal expirience that so far I failed 2 times on that familiar, and this being LV 60 with tame talisman, outfit, charm, taming potion and premium buff... Now I am not saying that taming that thing is imposible since there is already some people that got it, but I doubt that your average player would be able to tame it, specially considering that you need more than 6000 victorious energy to get the fated mark.

    The problem I see in the events during the last year is that they feel really anti new player or even anti average player. I understand that they tried to focus on their max level players and the most loyal ones, but monthly event should be fun and easy to do for anyone. The sad true about this is that most of time people will just see that the amount of effort and time they have to spend is greater than the reward. In fact in some cases some people would not be able to get anything as reward by making such big effort.

    For me is not really a problem to farm those energies from the dungeons and Familiar adventures or even buy some with gold, however I feel is not worth the effort, so I may try at most one or two more times and give up as usual. But for people who doesn't have OP gear and doesn't have too much gold in game or is not max level I can see this event more as nightmare than something fun.

    What I would do in the case of the familiar at least is reduce the needed amount of victorious energies to get the mark or reduce the number of fails needed to get the fated mark.

    Also some advice for Nexon and We Made on future monthly events:
    You should try to not make the monthly events too tedious, grindy or impossible to do, even if you need to nerf the reward. Take the previous month event as example: it was either PK on PVP area or kill 15 things on map with only 3 chanels, 7 or 8 of those things per chanel with relative long respawn and lot of people trying to kill same thing at same time in a competitive way (many times they refused to invite other players to party/raid). And keep in mind that this was only to get an item to exchange for a dice, Imagine someone actually doing it for the mounts and in a more populated server...

    What I am trying to say with all this is that not all players out there are Alsacian +25 or better, not everyone is on the top pvp guilds, not all people play all day, etc. You can still do Content exclusively focused on your veteran players, pvp people, no life players and big spenders without neglecting your low gear, low level or more casual players. Take the whole past month event as example again: You could have left the PVP part of that event as it was, this way strong people that like to pk can have their fun, but the pve part of it doesnt need to be annoying.

    In the case of this month event it is a very similar problem: The people who is really well geared or part of a big guild can enter the legendary caves and get the items with not much problem. Everyone else have to either buy from the strong people or do familiar adventures and spend gold. Problem is that usually people who can't do legendary dungeons will not have hundreds or even thousands of gold to burn in something that most likely will fail.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 20, 2017

    daeni wrote: »
    To be honest how the rabbini spawns is one of the few issues i have with these current events. Only one obvious respawn point makes it impossible for anyone other than those camped out for it to kill it.
    And two; only one sure means of getting A dice a day....well that's been an issue since they started it.
    Now while i can understand the reasoning why they did it at first, now it's become kinda old and pointless, not to mention it shows no one is even trying to fix this problem of having the game fail or freezing....

    That was i'm sure the first reason they went to this version after the trouble a few months ago when they first went to this type of event system.
    Now they seriously need to fix this issue or come up with something that works for all and not just for those that having little or nothing better to do. I mean really, seeing people camped out waiting for the Rabbit to spawn....? Seriously?
    As for the Sainted reindeer event this year...well the version of it from last years event was better, and really using RnG to give out possible marks for this on the dice game when most can't even get a chance to kill the rabbit or get one from the daily quest .....well it's kinda something that will piss off more than it satisfies. Since you can't trade them, sell the seal, this shows more than a little stinginess from those that created this event.

    Seriously, people you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. These events all should be accessible to every player, not just those i mentioned above. ;)

    100% agree on this.

    I completly understand that there should be events and dungeons targeting the veterans and hadrcore players. But why make Christmas events so annoying.
    Just as you said it should be targeting everyone. I remember the old rabbini events it needed a lot of people to kill the boss, yes sometimes it would take time to do it, but at least most of people had a chance to get near the boss and hit it a couple of times.
    This new sainted rabbini boss on the other hand is more like a legendary tame: There is always a few "dedicated" people that get it, while the regular players are not even able to see it.
    Also agree on the raideer marks problem. I have 3 characters on this account so far: 1 max level assasin, 1 low level priest and 1 low level wizard.
    I do dice event on 2 of them since priest is too low to even get some of the quests. The irony of this is that my priest was the only one that got one of those marks from a free roll from dice event. But since he is just level 12 of course he failed the tame :D
    Assasin that does dice dailies every day never got any mark, same with wizard.

    If we add that aparantly they did some big nerf to some of the old events like fishing among others, there is not much to do anymore aside from spire and some raid dungeons that i never do since almost always the squads for those are already formed since ages.
    I really dont undesrtand the reasoning behind all these changes, I mean they should be trying to bring people back or at least to keep their current playerbase, not to drag them away from the game.
  • Manila - Reach Lv. 60 Event

    Here is what I found after searching on one of the news post of that update:
    Swift Ascent Event

    Event Dates: July 10, 2017 to August 16, 2017

    Start Time: End of Maintenance (July 10, 2017)

    End Time: Start of Maintenance (August 16, 2017)

    Any character created after the update on July 10th that reaches level 60 before the end of the event can receive 300 Elluns! To be begin this event and be eligible for this reward, make sure you complete the tutorial and receive a Rabbini’s Letter from the first quest reward. Right click this letter to receive the quest for this event. Reach level 60 and speak to Manila Rabbini to complete the quest.

    Tricksters that reach level 60 during the event period will also earn a special achievement, Superior Trickery. Obtaining this achievement will reward the Title: Infamous Beguiler.

    Title: Infamous Beguiler
    All Attributes +5
    Familiar EXP +10%
    Source: http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/23917/trickster-homecoming-events

    So in my case I probably just tried to take quest the week after event ended.
    Edit: also in my case there is the fact that my character was older :D Im a bit sleepy atm so was not paying attention to this part:
    Any character created after the update on July 10th that reaches level 60 before the end of the event

    Hope this helps.
  • Manila - Reach Lv. 60 Event

    I could be wrong on this but maybe is related to the trickster class. As far as I remember, first time I saw that NPC was during said patch, I play an assasin and I never got any quest from it, even when that update was just released.
    So what I think is that is either that it was something trickster exclusive or maybe there was some sort of date limit.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 6, 2017

    Honestly this event seems almost imposible to me, even if you pass first wave (thing i did), you are most likely to fail at second wave or the ones after that. Just as others stated is either reduce the speed of the monsters or put more aoe snowballs.

    Considering that the only thing nice as reward from there is the mount, I think I will just skip this event.