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  • [WINNERS] Festive Fall Fanart Contest

    IGN: Mereneth
    Server: Koroshimo
    Title: Wings of Autumn


    My regular dungeon group from my Alliance, WingsOfFury, celebrating Halloween and fall :)
  • Lvl 58 skill for magic classes.

    I agree that getting 200 is way too much. We've been trying to grind as a 3 person group for an hour. We got 3 powders after killing around a hundred of these mobs. Not only that, but the recipe success chance is normal? Hah, good joke Nexon.

    I have to question what they want to accomplish with this. The grinding is hard solo if you're not a priest who can heal or a tank who can withstand tons of damage, or an OP dps with the best als gear possible. The drop rate is absolutely terrible. You need so many powders/blood to craft a single potion, AND the craft success chance is normal, when even high seems to have a pretty high chance to fail. There is absolutely no reason to try crafting these recipe's, especially since in the end, the skills they give aren't that great.
    Take the ranger skill for example - dominance. It's not too bad. A chance to give the enemy a total of 15% less defense and increase their cast times by 6%, ok that's pretty cool, but in no way is it game changing, especially since the chance of this debuff happening is uncertain (how often, what's the chance it'll happen, do we have to use raven's heart before every attack for the debuff chance to be activated? There is no certainty.
    A skill that potentially takes hours upon hours of tedious and hard grinding with a chance to fail to craft the potion, it is simply not worth it for a skill like that. Sure, the skill would be useful, but all the trouble you have to go through only to have a chance to fail the craft and have to do all of it over again is not something basically anyone wants to go through. It's far too much work for far too little reward.
  • [Feedback]dear @PuffyHuff

    I would like to add something to this:
    Show tempering percentage chances for all tempering stones. Normal? Who knows what the range is for normal. Could be 20-40 %, could be 50-60%, who knows. Make our life easier. And please, for the love of god, make tempering cost fewer ellun. I have lost 500 ellun on my alsacian bow and have only gotten it to +17 due to bad luck and terrible rng (no seriously, this game has the shittiest rng I think I've ever encountered in any game...). I've used so many 50%, 30% and 220 stones, it's not even funny anymore. I don't th ink it's too much to ask to make it a little easier, or at least give people a chance to earn 100% blessed tempering stones somehow. Maybe a long daily (or even weekly) quest line that could net you a bound 100% tempering stone. Just, something to make the tempering process less frustrating.
  • [FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

    IGN: Mereneth
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar type: Tekanin
    Skin name: Dusk Aurora
    Your concept artwork/sketch:

    The crystals lining the Tekanin's skin represent the creature's physical prowess, as do the sharp, long icy claws. The luminescent wings help light the Tekanin's path in the dark as it searches for its master. Its icy crystals and fire-y horns and tail leave a trail of ice and fire in the Tekanin's path wherever it goes. The darker hide around its crystal blue eyes gives the creature a simultaneously beautiful and intimidating look befitting its nature. The Tekanin's sleek, beautiful design and strength are emphasized by the high contrast and vibrant color scheme. The color scheme mimics the colors one would see during the dusk, as the sun is about to set, and they have a flow similar to that of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon, hence the name Dusk Aurora.
    (EDIT: added the image on the top right corner: The skin in the dark)
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