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  • [FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

    IGN: Milaphylales
    Server: Velzeroth
    Familiar Type: Wyrm
    Skin Name: Mana Dragon

    "Abandoned by his master, the Mana Dragon roams the lands of Midellas, hungering, craving for any type of magic. Boundless and eternal."


    "Short" Description:
    Hey there, so, first of all, I'm that special type of kid that can't draw but sculpt so I really hope that this is an accepted way of participating in the contest? But yeah here we go:
    With the Mana Dragon, I really wanted to give the Wyrm, especially the "Veiled Malachite Dragon" a new Skin because all it can be is green, yellow and red.. or rarely metal-grey which led me many times in Dungeons to panic smash the follow key because I thought that my Dragon was going places;
    The whole idea was to create a Skin for the Wyrm that looks like it had been previously owned by someone but got abandoned, so I went for an armored Dragon. Furthermore, I went with a vibrant blue and turquoise as my colours of choice. Also, I was adding some shimmery paint on the Scales to give it some more magical looks. The wings are also shimmery but from some angles almost translucent with 2 dotted lines to give it some eye catcher. The scaley tummy is supposed to be more matte (sorry for the shine on the picture, it is from the photo flash).

    Random Information on the figurine for those who care:
    The base is made from thermoplastic and the scales are sculpted with apoxie sculpt. The transparent spikes are cast with clear epoxy resin after making silicone molds for them, same goes for the wing membranes which were cast in a flat shape and then got curve shaped by me with a heat gun. Last but not least I used some simple acrylic and glass-paint. The whole thing is around 28cm/11 inches long and around 18cm/7 inches tall.

    p.s.: so many awesome works. I wish everyone the best of luck <3