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  • [WINNERS] Cupid's Cutest Couples!


    I'm not in the contest, I just wanted to share my Cutest Couple pic. xD
    QuinceLastPassionEilizzleCreamSaphiiiHirtelenRihkuazoPhilosoapSliverFlowerRaykheem02and 2 others.
  • Riders of Icarus Content Creator Program

    LadyAnoobs wrote: »
    The channel content have to be exclusively in English?I do guides and videos in brazilian portuguese and wanted to know if I could participate D:

    That's a great question!! We encourage user to stream and make vids in their own language. Of course, you'll have to abide by the rules and TOS no matter what language xD. We'll have someone review non-English vids, too.
  • December Writ mount stats

    I didn't forget, it just took me a while to get this info!(We're super backedup). Also apologies for the formatting...mess.
    In the future, please be patient, we will fulfill request as soon as we can(promise), and no begging doesn't help xD

    Radiant Ahnturagen
    Legendary Aura DPS 201 643
    Radiant Ahnturagen's Blessing Physical Defense 1488 4371
    Level 1 Increases Overall Attack by 24%, Overall Critical Rate by 2%, and Overall Critical Damage by 220 Move Speed 14 14
    Level 60 Increases Overall Attack by 38%, Overall Critical Rate by 9%, and Overall Critical Damage by 340 Attack Speed 2 2
    Max Altitude 1300m 1300m

    Seal Stone
    Overall Attack 220
    Overall Critical Rate 5%
    All Attributes 29

    Radiant Taisha
    Legendary Aura DPS 305 978
    Radiant Taisha's Blessing Physical Defense 723 2125
    Level 1 Increases Overall Attack by 24%, Health by 24%, and Overall Defense by 26% Move Speed 10 10
    Level 60 Increases Overall Attack by 38%, Health by 38%, and Overall Defense by 40% Attack Speed 2 2
    Max Altitude NA NA

    Seal Stone
    Overall Attack 220
    Overall Defense 290
    All Attributes 29
  • [WINNERS] Winter Wonderland Fanart Contest

    Frisk wrote: »
    Quick question if i may ask but, I'm a bit new to the site here and was wondering if I could have any information about uploading Fan art on here? Like is there something I need to type in or a Link? Please answer if you can as it would be MUCH appreciated ^-^

    We take fan art here, On Discord, Steam but if you don't wish to post it here at all, feel free to tag it with ridersoficarus on Deviant Art or social media. Good luck!
  • [WINNERS] Winter Wonderland Fanart Contest

    Can I make a custom mount for Riders of Icarus for the entry? I thought it be cool, and you guys might put it into the game if it wins.

    ( It be a artwork a design of a creature, ^ ^. I always wanted to do this for a game, and since their is another contest. Might as well do this. )

    I would say save it for another contest. Who knows, we might host another mount design contest!