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  • [COMPLETED]Scheduled Maintenance - August 30, 2018

    GrizzlyUK wrote: »
    I see that corrections have been made for DAY 1 and DAY 12 but DAY 18 has been missed! Just to clarify, both DAY 12 and DAY 18 had the same typo which is an extra "e" in September: "Septemeber Reward Writ". ;)
    Cream wrote: »
    zzFENRIRzz wrote: »
    They removed the blessed tempering stones x2... =(

    @GrizzlyUK Ghad will follow up that one ahahha
    @Cream you are still MIA i'm missing you and your hammer XD
    @zzFENRIRzz where??? :O i haven't removed anything
  • Official GM Names for sending Mail Warnings

    GrizzlyUK wrote: »
    I read this article a little earlier, though I did notice that the names for Koroshimo both miss the final "o":
    GM Phoebe Koroshim
    GM Kakesu Koroshim

    Is that intended due to character limitation or an oversight/spelling error? Figured I'd ask for clarification, just in case it is an error and Nexon hadn't noticed it yet! ;)

    Yes, it is intended. due to lack of characters :D haha
  • Watermelon Rabbini Spawn Event Issue

    Hello Riders,

    We've received several reports of the issue surrounding the Watermelon Rabbini Spawn Event not taking place in Hakain's Crossing. The team is aware of the situation and is investigating the issue. Don't worry, compensation will be provided and disclosed to the general public ASAP. Thank you for your patience and unending support!

    - ICARUS Team
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - August 2, 2018

    zzFENRIRzz wrote: »
    Cream wrote: »

    The new maintenance post will be added soon but here is more information about the maintenance and the Awakened Torkai, Rider;


    ty ty ty ty!!! =)

    P.D The info say this:
    Awakened Torkai Aggression/Tame
    Fixed the aggression and taming of the Awakened Torkai. The aggression of the Awakened Torkai will depend on the players level

    If i remenber the package has/had a fated mark...that info about the aggression and tame... thats means that we can fail...? If the pack has a fated mark must be 100% success right?
    Cream wrote: »

    I will request details about this question, Rider!

    @Cream @zzFENRIRzz As for the Awakened Torkai Aggression/ Tame, the last time that the players bought the package and summoned the Awakened Torkai, they all are just one hit by the mount and received a lot of reports for that concern. Now, we have managed to change the aggression of the Awakened Torkai so that the low-level characters could tame the Torkai easily without getting killed by it (rather one hit them by the Mount). As for the Tame, the issue for that was when they summoned the Torkai it can't be selected nor select to tame so we have fixed it too. And yes, the package still have the 100% Fated Awakened Torkai Mark. There is no such thing as failing when using the Fated Mark and if you guys ever experienced Fail-to-tame using the Fated Mark that will be a bug.

    Hope that I explained it very well