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  • Game Guide going to Turimnan Valley


    As we all know, the Shadows of Turiman will be updated later today. But Before you go and play here are some guidelines on how to go to Magmafora [Turimnan Valley]

    Old players who are done with the main quest can go straight to Velzeroth. Quest will be available once you go and talk to him. Same with the new players who are still not done with the main quest.

    Below is the guide for you to go to the Turimnan Valley.

    - The last quest that you will get will be the "Guardian's Blessing" Wherein, you will find Velzeroth in Ellora's Temple.
    - Talk to him and take the quest, you will received the Demonic Stone and it will be available to your inventory.
    - Once again, there will be another quest that will be available by talking to Velzeroth. It's called "Path of Growth".
    - "Path of Growth" quest will give you a rewards, and some starting Weapon Items with regards to your class. Once done, The Magmafora quest will be available.

    - "Magmafora Quest". This quest will lead you back to Hakains, Titan Platform to talk to Guvan.
    - Guvan will lead you on how to get to Turimnan Valley. By talking to him, a cutscene will be triggered where Velzeroth is talking to you after that scene, you will be talking to Guvan again and prompted to answer a question
    where displayed to your Screen. It says that you will be going to Magmamora and travel to Turimnan Valley.
    - By accepting it, a cutscene will trigger again showing that you are riding in Letonsia. In the cutscene, you were attacked and fell down in Titan Crash site.

    - In the Titan crash site, You will talk to Romanson and will be automatically Transfer to Grand Village of Turimnan.

    In this scene, you are already in the Turminan and start doing the quest to move on with the story.

    I hope this Little guide help you on how to go to Magmafora [Turimnan Valley].
    See the Preview of the Shadows of Turimnan and Patch Notes
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    [h1]What will be unavailable:[/h1]
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    [h1]Changes and Updates:[/h1]
    •  Shadows of Turimnan
      • We will release the Shadows of Turimnan Major Update Content.
      • You can Check the official website for the Shadows of Turimnan Patch notes.
  • Hello There Folks! GM Phoebe is here :D

    Hi Guys!

    I'm your new Admin and a GM here ~
    I'm still inexperienced please do guide me along the way :D
    Also, I don't know what to say in my introduction so i'll keep it simple as it is.

    GM/Admin Phoebe, 20-23 years old (guess my age xD) been working here for a couple of months.

    Hobby: Singing, writing, acting, playing instruments (guitar, drums and piano), Playing sports (name all sports), Playing games (all video games, rpg, mmorpg, moba)

    Likes: food! who doesn't like food right?

    Dislike: nothing particular

    I'm adventurous, gamer, somewhat curious at everything, and lovable haha :D

    If you need any help from everything in the game you can count on me and will try my best to answer all of your queries <3