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  • Swarm - First NA Baellas Manastone Wars Victory!

    "Not gonna throw salt but lemme just contradict myself and do it anyway" - Vroom 2016

    You guys dug your own graves when you were complete ****bags to the entire server during the heroic taming event. You then turn around and boast about how you're the top PvP alliance on the server and have the best of the best players in PvP as well as the richest. People like you are a dime a dozen and it's b/c of all the boasting you do that caused your loss here. Instead of crying about what you think you are learn from your experience b/c it isn't getting any easier from here. Pride is the downfall of any unsuccessful guild but I'm sure you're already seeing that as some of your alliance members have already split but that's none of my business :)
  • Exarahn Badlands Update Release Delay


    Better to be disappointed at the setback than have them release it to an even bigger disappointment. Be satisfied they are even bothering to test it themselves and fix the errors as most of us, who've waited for this for a LONG time, would expect nothing less from them with their improvements thus far.
  • Exarahn Badlands Update Release Delay

    What matters is you guys are working out the issues BEFORE they go live and complicate things further. I'd rather see issues resolved beforehand than bringing servers down after it goes live to address them after the fact. Kudos to the team for this! :)
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  • NxGuard An error occured(code:66817).

    Yeah I get the same thing......If it's not one nexguard error it's another entirely. I heard that there was a NXguard patch recently which is just one more thing to screw up within the game. They create more problems than they actually fix it's like they just pull random people off the street to work on these projects now a days.
  • Cannot Train Stage 3 Crafting...

    @Cuddlewings @Oneletter @Cream @Bobtheblob can we get an answer or some insight to this issue? Surely ONE of you has heard SOMETHIING regarding this. All the while of not being able to craft stage 3 items the struggle is real to obtain stage 2 mats due to overpricing.