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  • Familiar Data Gathering

    Hey all!
    So, the last thread was locked, and i had an idea to make new, so here it it!

    Everything in this thread goes straight to the wiki so please leave the information here or at least say that you added X to Z so i can keep up with the list, and also a poll
    Everybody knows about the latest patch, and that they added new familiars to the game. So that of course means more adding to the wiki. But there lies a problem too, and it is time.
    We don't have enough time and resources to add all the new information instantly to the wiki, so i (we) am asking you to help here! I have made a list of all of the things missing from each Familiar in the Bestiarty, and it can be found HERE, it's a LONG list so be aware of it.

    About the list, explanations to the term:
    Description: Where it is in the map and in what map. What grade it is and it is hostile/passive.
    Strategy How to approach it, how to make it easier to tame and what other enemies to kill before it.
    How to tame: What needed to the tame (mark, special requirement etc.), and how to accomplish the tame successfully.
    Base Stats: HP, EP, DPS, Phys Defense, Max Altitude, Move Speed, Attack Speed
    Mount Details:Those being; Level, Species, Tamable, Familiar Rank = x (x stars),Temper, Taming Points, Mount Type, Seal Effects(Lv.1, Talent Pts
    Skills What skills the mount has, those being; Name, Type, Effect, Cast Type, Cooldown, Cost, Range, Description
    Bestiarty picture Picture of the familiars book from the Bestiarty
    Wild Picture Picture of the mount in the wilderness
    Location picture Picture of the familiars location in the map WITH ONLY REGION NAMES VISIBLE
    Mounted Picture This one shouldn't need and explanation.

    Here are examples of the pictures needed, remember to use the best graphic settings available, and ti upload it as PNG format :




    Bestiarty Book:

    Templates for the locations can be found here, download the max resolution image and add red circle with the circle tool.

    Thank you in advance and hopefully at least one person helps :)
  • Update on Spamming Issues

    Currently blocking 32 gold spammers and counting. In my opinion, it's not that hard to press "O" and "Block User" and type the name when you see a gold spammer, and it only takes maybe 10 seconds to do it. But the easiest way to fight against these gold spammers would be to add some kind of word filter to megaphone. Like blocking words that spammers mostly use in their sentences like "(www.), (.com), (€ and $ signs), etc etc, i can do a wordlist about those word if you want to. And it wouldn't be too hard to implement it to the game.
    So please, at least notice this suggestion.