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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Oct. 26, 2017

    MrWizard wrote: »
    I'm relatively new to the game, but I can't seem to add Taming skill to Class hotbar as I had before the patch, as Taming skill does not appear on Class skill list.

    And I agree, it would have been nice to be forewarned about the hotbar wipe so we could have taken a screenshot to make restoration much easier.

    Try this:
    1. Press K to open your skills window
    2. Click on Mount skills (where the Taming Skill is)
    3. Click and Drag the Taming Skill down and hover over the "class" or "mount" gold tab (which ever you want) on the left of the hot key bar. Hold your cursor, which has the taming skill attached, over the tab until it switch to that set of hotkeys.
    4. Then just drop it in the hotkey you want.

    Hope this helps, let me know if the instructions aren't clear enough. :)
  • Disconnects, Information, and Compensation

    I ditto everything that has been said. It is heartbreaking though that you know there are things you COULD participate in IF the game worked correctly. I cant teleport to a fishing location....therefore I can't get Flowerhorns....therefore I can't get into Paradise Island. I have missed so many days of this it is upsetting because I login daily, yet I accomplish nothing :(

    Also, I could have more dice rolls, however, getting to rabbini's in other locations is hit or miss since most of the time I get locked out of my account. So even when I collect all the books, getting back to Chase in Victory Plaza is a "fingers-crossed" chance that I would get to teleport correctly to turn them in. It's literally like you only get to be in one spot for a whole day. Can't do much like that.

    I must say that overall I'm a very patient person but this is even trying for me.

  • mystic key changed to a fake 'title' item

    Cream wrote: »
    Will forward your concern, Riders! :#

    Hi Cream, I'm working on installing the update/patch. I will repost with the results once it's done. :)
  • Issues in Shady Warrens

    Runi wrote: »
    Alayah wrote: »
    I'm trying to enter Shady Warrens and it says:
    "You cannot complete the event quest if you change regions."

    this is caused by a quest you get by clicking some scroll-like Quest item you get near elino. It starts a quest that prohibit porting or entering dungeons. Just go to character-screen and it will fail. THen login again and forfeit the failed quest. Now you can port and enter dungeons again and ONLY click on the quest item if you are near elino to finish the questline ;-)

    @Cream: only relogging etc wont work and its no error; Just another quest that blocks dungeon entering and porting

    Yes, I found it - the particular one that was blocking it for me was "Milton's Hand" but it may be different for someone else. :D

    Thanks everyone!