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  • Is the game still a disappointment?

    So I've been away from Riders for quite some time now, and I've contemplated coming back, but a lot of the feedback and experiences I've I heard and had before I quit made me pretty eager to not. Is the game worth investing time into anymore? Or is it a lost cause?
  • Berserk in Frostkeep - a cry out

    Hey, i am a Zerk and run FK H5 daily, somethings that i noted on my runs :

    1) To run FK Heroics I, II and III, you need some gear with good stats, some seals are a bonus and make your life easier (a good ROM Set +10 works here);
    2) To run FK H4-H5 you NEED good gear +10, with good stats and good seals or you will die on each encounter, elites included (a very good ROM Set+10, with good seals is necessary or get a FK parts with some Corrupt Set parts for bonus and put it on +10, with good Seals and a Pet);
    3) To do FK H4-H5, good gear is essential for all the classes, think on FK as a team, tanks need a 18k hp pool, assassins need a 5k dps at least, so you too need a good gear to be part of the team;
    4) A good tip is let the tank "realy" take the aggro before you enter in a fight, give him time to do it;
    5) Try run the FK H5 with same people, over and over again, it realy help in the work of positioning as a Zerk...

    Now, some tips for the Boss Encounters:

    1) First Boss - Stay always behind him to not take the damage of normal blows and whem he cast the "Rage Hammer", use the defense "skill block with sword", it gives you a 2sec invulnerability and so imune to the efect of rage hammer;
    2) Second Boss - Mage/Yeti - Let tank have the agroo for 5 or 10 seconds on both, them you can just focus on Mage, just try NOT stay in front of yeti, because some of the skills, like the uppercut or the ice flow, even if not directly target on you, can kill because of aoe;
    3) First encounter with Rondo is the easy part, not much to say here, stay behind him, use defense (2sec invulnerability) when he does the atack of multiple blades wich i dont remember the name and move for positioning when needed;
    4) Second and last encounter with Rondo, positioning is essential here, zerk and assassin are made of paper for Rondo, even with very good gear sometimes Rondo give hit kill on criticals or if you get caught on blizzard skill, you are dead, so is important:
    * Stay behind him is a must, is much better move away and slow down the DPS a bit, over be a dead DPS;
    * Use combos and charged skills with caution, only use multiple combos or super charged skills, when he gets destabilized or when he uses the Frost Path skill;
    * Zerk do not have a escape move, so use your charge when need a fast exit move, to do it, target an ally (mage or healer) and charge on him, moving out of zone of danger;

    That 's all I can tell so far, hope it works for you and helps on becoming runs!

    Good luck...

    P.S: Sorry for my english, its not my first language...
    I'll definitely take those tips into account, something I always find myself stuck in is the frost wind at last stage. Basically stuck doing h3 til I gear up more, such a struggle to get something that's not magic stats :')
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance – July 27, 2016

    I didn't get a CHANCE to get Garme or Agnas, and I really wanted that title...

    Oh well... /pittyparty

    same ;-;
  • Do You play other mmos?

    I'm everywhere between BnS, Tera, Dragon Nest, Defiance, also ofc Runescape.
  • Server Transfer Voucher?

    I think it is something that's needed in every MMO's cash shop to be entirely honest. I personally will vouch for this, because I'm on a server that I'm not really happy with, and I want to transfer, but not have to level up another character entirely... I'm sure a ton of people are on the same boat as myself. So please, if it could be taken as a consideration for the next Cash Shop update, it'd be much appreciated :)