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  • Need nerf Scarlet harbor!

    Wish I could at least experience it myself. There haven't been any parties forming at my server. I've seen one person trying but noone joined him. Also there was no drop message so far from a boss I don't know yet so I guess the few people doing this dungeon do it at late hours when I'm offline or have problems with it too.
  • Fated Marks

    I got a Fated Demonus Mark and my brother Calypto...
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 20, 2017

    Yay new familiars to tame but no word about a bigger storage...
    A new dungeon with a new grade of equip to drop is nice to read but I'm afraid of the outcome. In the last weeks there haven't been any parties for any dungeons (rarely I saw Fractura ones but that's all). So this dungeon will be for the few parties that go with their guild. People with no or small guilds are left out again.
  • lower respawn time for Torkai and others

    There's no competition at all when people kill familiars while others are at the taming process. From the last 3 spawns I saw, 2 got killed. I can only imagine the frustration and anger of the ones that were sitting on him.
    With the high drop rate of marks now from adventures there's nothing special anymore about getting him. The only problem is the greed of people.

    Edit: I just saw we have a spawn timer buff running. Why was there nothing about it on the news website or forum? How long is it running?
  • lower respawn time for Torkai and others

    Thx to the familiar adventure update a lot of people are able to get legendary marks now. The problem now is that everyone wants to use those marks right away. So a lot of people are at one spawn. Just now I've seen someone killing Torkai while another player was on his back trying to tame him (old problem). So a lower respawn time, even if it's only a timed event, would help much now. It won't help with people's attitude of "when I'm not on his back I kill it" though :/