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  • Need nerf Scarlet harbor!

    Wish I could at least experience it myself. There haven't been any parties forming at my server. I've seen one person trying but noone joined him. Also there was no drop message so far from a boss I don't know yet so I guess the few people doing this dungeon do it at late hours when I'm offline or have problems with it too.
  • lower respawn time for Torkai and others

    There's no competition at all when people kill familiars while others are at the taming process. From the last 3 spawns I saw, 2 got killed. I can only imagine the frustration and anger of the ones that were sitting on him.
    With the high drop rate of marks now from adventures there's nothing special anymore about getting him. The only problem is the greed of people.

    Edit: I just saw we have a spawn timer buff running. Why was there nothing about it on the news website or forum? How long is it running?
  • Can we finally get more storage? -.-'

    Dear Nexon, many people already told you in several threads we need more storage - bank, inventory and familiar storage.

    Here the situation about the familiar storage: We can get max 65 slots there. All tameable Heroic and Legendary Familiars that are implemented so far are 67. Then there are also event familiars like Aquavrios or the Halloween familiars. Those familiars that are at the farm for leveling also take away spots. So if someone wanna collect all familiars like me, we have no room for other familiars, like we need at least one open spot for Ellora's Spire tame level. Do you see the problem? It shouldn't be such a problem to give us some more storage lines, especially cause we will need Elluns to unlock them.
  • @Cuddlewings about "Trickster"

    I completely understand where everyone is coming from on this. Many of you have already maxed out your character slots and would prefer not to delete one to accommodate the new class. But unfortunately, this is a technical limitation of the game itself that only allows up to 6 total character per account and this was not by choice. We are working towards changing this in the future so Riders do not have to resort to deleting characters.

    How do they handle it at the original game? They are even getting another new class. Are they bound to 6 slots max too?
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance – June 21, 2017

    neMes1s wrote: »
    Can you also claim the package with another character or is it for the newly created trickster only? @CuddleWings

    I'm sure the first character you log in after the maintenance of that day will receive the package no matter what class it is. So decide which char should get it beforehand and don't forget to log in on that char first. Happens way too often that ppl get it on the wrong char. And there's no way to give it to another of your chars :/