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  • How do i Report a Hacker?


    Is the link for creating a new ticket.
  • [DEV BLOG #4] Play PVP in the Exarahn Badlands

    Release of content and fixing current issues are being worked on in tandem. We are well aware that there is potential for new content to come with new issues. That is where our Riders step in and report them as they show up. This is especially important during Open Beta Testing. I just want to reiterate that it's really important for the community to do so (it helps us further if you provide steps so we can reproduce issues).

    CMs/GMs/Developers/Moderators are not ignoring your concerns. We report issues that populate the forums on a daily basis to the Development Team so they can fix them as quickly as possible. In fact, the moderators have been diligently working with me and gathering reports to inform our team about the issues in-game from a Rider's perspective.

    With that said, let's please keep this thread on topic and discuss PVP, Rider.
    We have multiple threads already stating these issues mentioned that have been documented.
    Thank you for the reply. As of late it just felt like nothing was being addressed and the players felt like their calls for action where falling on deaf ears.
  • [DEV BLOG #4] Play PVP in the Exarahn Badlands

    Can we first resolve the issues with the current patch? Like gathering not leveling, missing recipes, broken recipes that say invalid item. I'm all for future content but you "Nexon" have failed to provide a functional patch yet to date without tons of bugs and then just leave the players in the dark after it happens because it seems you're ashamed of what happened. Literally after the crafting / gathering patch went live it's like the staff went completely silent.

    All I can foresee happening with updates of more content is bugs, failed patches, and more bots. Do you care more about your customers or do you care more about your bottom line. Because, they go hand in hand. If you don't care about your customers and provide them with proper information and apologies when you "Nexon" screw stuff up your bottom line will start to take the hit.

    In all honesty, the business model of Nexon seems to get worse each year. Player's really don't feel connected with staff at all. And sorry but moderators are first players then moderators. I would be ashamed to work or volunteer anything that has Nexon on it due to their insensitivity towards the players.
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  • Reverend Title!!!!!!!

    As long as the there are no stats I'd be fine with it. Founders already have their one stat title and don't really deserve another.

    So basically:
    1. No stats on the title.
    2. Doesn't activate an achievement
  • Case Sensitve Auction House Searches = Annoying

    As I do buy and sell a ton of stuff I agree with this. Get rid of the case sensitive and allow us to also shift click an item into the search bar.