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  • Fairness of Server vs. Server PVP area.

    iJustAm wrote: »
    i believe i have already stated that, you just dont know to read

    "instead of distributing new players to other servers, they allow people to go to baelles" because like you said people telling people where to go, hence the more people hence the one sidedness, hence is it starting to make sense ? XD

    if youre familiar with other mmo's what they do is offer 50% more xp fora limited time or other rewards to servers with low population so people go there, it helps.

    I read clearly what you wrote.

    You are still living in your little delusional world. Other mmos.....yes, the several others that i have been a part of.......dont force anybody to certain servers because one is popped more than the others. No game developer will cut off a server like that unless the pop reaches cap....which this game will not achieve at this time.

    Ill repeat, no game developer will force distribute players to other servers to alleviate population issues. Thats pretty much what you want Nexon to do.....its never going to happen. Players should always have the choice to go where they want to go...period.

    Any type of extremely good compensation, perk or a golden carrot on a stick to properly distribute players to other servers im sure would be welcomed by a few players......but only as an option only.

    As with a few other posters here have mentioned...you cant be swayed when challenged on topics you bring to this forum. I will simply do as they are and no longer reply to your extensive ad hominem and hyperbole. I dont have time for it.

    Now i must go work on my wizard that im, in fact, having fun with.
  • Fairness of Server vs. Server PVP area.

    iJustAm wrote: »
    Ellorian wrote: »
    In the last manastone battle, I only saw an assasin and a ranger as enemy. ROFL. it's funny to see how they jump in a bunch of baellas people, just to get killed. There isn't any competition at all between servers. I recommend all of you to create new character in Baellas. Just leave Hakain and Kalas behind if you want rewards in the future ok? forget everything and start a new life!

    Lol, there's been people that have been complaining about this, myself included since start, nexon dont care though instead of distributing new players to other low populated servers they let everyone go baellas

    Icarus community doesn't help either, when someone like you for example that makes a thread about this
    the forum raises up because they are smart an wise and they say
    "Nah! it is fair!, nah! baelles isn't overpowered, nah! ive never been to the other servers but im commenting anyway and we have the same amount of people, nah! my brain doesn't work"
    and sad thing is nexon listens to the negatives, instead of looking into the matter themselves.

    Besides its more profitable for them to aid Baelles because thats where most of the cash flow comes from, Hakain or Kalas have their share of P2W and Nx Buyers, but Baelles has the majority. its not like f2p is going to beat P2P in PvP no matter what

    its always been favor in this game, those that get favored by the devs, profit the most.

    Your entire post is just one giant delusional rant. I absolutely cannot take anything you say seriously anymore.

    Nobody is aiding anyone. The only reason the baellus server is more popped is because thats where the players are telling folks to go. I dont recall seeing or reading anywhere the devs supporting or even hinting new or returning players to baellus for them to relish in the profits.

    If you know of any such evidence then please by all means link it. I really want to see it for myself instead of reading more of your foolishness.

    Go do something more constructive....like go practice those wizard skills for petes sake.
  • Update on tower debuff?

    Vaelan wrote: »
    Whhhaaa? I think people are missing the most important thing that was said "As we are in Open Beta"


    How long does that line last for? Another year? So you're saying we are paying for a BETA? and here I was thinking that we were in release 0_o

    In case you're serious....

    You are not paying for a beta. You are not paying for anything. Any money you spent was for micotransactions and done so by your own choice. The game is completely free and cost you nothing....either in beta or official release.
  • Completely terrible valentines day event. Fix it.

    I havent seen any botters and ive had no trouble finding one spot to camp. I can get 200 items in about an hour but thats all i can stand. Ill pick it back up when i have an hour to kill from time to time.
  • Update on tower debuff?

    I'm pretty sure she has read everything on this forum. Maybe her hands are tied at the moment on a response that you're expecting.