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  • Ranger and daily rewards.

    You can claim only 1 per day. Even if you stay more than 30 mins like you did -1 hr...the next one wont start glowing .They are daily rewards so you can unlock only 1 per day even if you miss one or more days :)

    To clarify fuz, sorry I misread your post above.

    You can light up the whole month without taking a thing. However you can only unlock one each day at a time as kny states.
  • [GM BLOG] Legendary Dungeons

    Agree pwny.

    Ah I remember the days when I used to be that hardcore raider/player be all, know all, rule all, beating my chest in front of all the commoners....rays of blinding light and almighty power emitting from all around me. They were good times.

    I don't play like that much anymore because it's just too mentally and physically tiring. To the folks today that still do it, my hats off to you.

    I'll probably never enter a leg dungeon, because I've chosen not to. It's okay that I won't be that sparkly bis character on the Baellas server. Today I don't mind being that commoner looking up at Mr and Mrs almighty.

    Hey, someone has to be last...might as well be me. :P
  • Game economy is in the tank.

    Sadly, as the player-base continues to dwindle the cost on items will just keep dropping. There has been over a 30% loss in player-base each month for the past several months on Steam alone. Players are jumping ship left and right and a lot of the Whales have left the game too, and with them the fortunes in gold they had amassed.
    With any luck this upcoming Ranger release will draw back some old players and/or attract some new ones.. the trick will be getting them to stay...
    Well, at least one person gets it. The economy prices are tied to the huge drop in players. No demand, no need for supply. This isn't about econ 101. This is MMO 101.
    Again as stated before, the topic you've brought up here is a player driven issue. If its players leaving a game or people leaving a real life town....item sales fluctuate depending on population. Its how economics work. Heres another tidbit....you as the seller have to adapt to it if you so choose to remain a part of it. Asking a GM to manipulate the economy is a foolish request. Adapt or stop selling goods until things recover. Economics 101.

    On a completely other note...the reasons why people are leaving the game thus affecting your AH sales are entirely a different subject matter all together. Theres already a plethora of threads stating loads of reasons why folks are leaving....the economy isnt one of them.

  • Game economy is in the tank.

    What do you want the devs to do. You want them to manipulate the economy to favor you? I'm not quite understanding what you're trying to achieve here.

    The demand is lower than it used to be....hence lower prices. Prices are player driven and that's plain old economy 101.
  • Getting anywhere being a casual player

    Biggest obstacle for casual players is the absence of an automated dungeon finder.

    No idea how something so important can be overlooked in this time and age...
    If this game had a 14k gold dungeon finder, i still wouldnt use it. As tough as some of the higher level dungeons are and with the elitists attitude a lot of players in this game have, i would be part of a guild with patient folks expecting mistakes and such before joining any pug. I do this in every mmo i play. I have no time dealing with elitist neckbeards that get bent of out shape when a small mistake happens and their twinkie box is empty.

    Ive avoided joining a guild on RoI for good reasons....my reasons. Ill let the dungeon die hards do the work and ill buy their efforts off the AH. Perhaps if i decide to really stick to this game in the much longer run...and i mean much longer, then maybe ill find a good casual guild to join and make a run in these dungeons that seem to draw so much anger.