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  • Thanks for the Expanded Storage Feature!

    I'm just saying thats something that should off been added regardless of the community asking. It's nice they added it but there's other things that need to be addressed like the loot bug.
    Please take your loot drop statements and complaints to one of the 40 other threads on this forum. We are trying to be thankful here and you're spoiling it.
  • What do you want to see out of this game?

    Personally I think that RoI need to improve under many aspects, expecially under time and effort rewards. Let me explain better..

    Marks and Taming:
    The first thing that I think RoI need to fix (or better, how I'd like to see it in the future) is the Mark free gift and Taming RNG.
    Marks shouldn't be dropped at all, not from WB, not from Instances, NOTHING. These things are meant to be crafted also because crafting need to be improved a bit more.
    Recipes drops must be reduced a lot, at least Heroic and Legendary should be dropped once every plenty of runs or WB kills. If you can't drop it easily we wouldn't see them at 1g or less. I mean, it's an heroic recipe.. Sometimes happens to make plenty of money from Elite Recipes more than Heroic and that's really wrong.
    As much something is good, as lower should be the chance to drop it, here works the opposite.
    Taming RNG must be fixed a bit, 'cause watching it from player side, it's better to work hard to obtain the mark, but having more chances to succed the taming. Fails should be possible, but not as they are now.
    I could raise almost 4k if I'd sold all the marks i've used to try heroics and I'm still with 1x Void Kargyle. Even if I'm dedicated, after a bit you feel that all your effort it's for nothing and you are just wasting time and money.

    I ran all dungeons lots and lots of times already, but to be honest when I go out from any dung I saldy find my bags full of crap or unsellable things. Today Umax gave me an Heroic gear, Heroic Recipe, 2x 105 Elite Tempering Stones, 1x Voidbeast Mark and Yozhora gave me 39s, 1x Lv. 100 Elite Tempering and 1 Voidstone.
    When a mid boss gives more than Final Boss, something it's messed up. As said before RoI doesn't give a satisfation feeling at the moment. I wish this game could understand and improve a bit more 'cause it's a good game despite all problems it has right now.
    A dungeon should take time, but need fixed drops (bound) and random drops (unbound).
    I prefer to see more dungeons where in any of them I can find something specific that I couldn't find somewhere else.
    In short, a good droprate system which keep us busy and happy. I don't mean that drops should fall like candies, but having the chance to see something really worth, maybe you'll lose the roll but you SAW IT. You KNOW that you'll take it with a bit of effort and time.

    Even if I liked them a bit more after removing the destabilize effect, they need better fight experience. There is not much tactic involved and I think that Open World isn't the right place for them.
    2-3 Raid Bosses with good tactics which force players to move, to group up close, to hide behind something, AoE which nuke undergeared groups or that ask Priests to push much on heals, enrage time (wow style), Off-Tanking needed undert certain situations and maybe force the whole raid to split in two for certain fights.
    I personally use the same rotation and the same sequence of skill in raid as in instances, and that's really wrong.
    But this means that some WB should spawn in 1 CH only instead that 1-2-3 >3-2-1 >1-2-3.. It's very bad this way. Spawning two bosses in different channels and in opposite points would force players to focus on one of them and lose the other one.
    World Boss Spawn Time should be notified under instance menu. I'd like to know when Ashuram spawn BEFORE it spawn. Ofc I could ask around and find when and where they'll pop out, but I'd like to not be forced to ask around 'cause I can't keep times due to work.

    I agree with you that Housing would be a great plus in this game. Having some of your pets in the stables and from time to time watch them, leave them over there or taking them with you (freeing space in pet slots) it's a great thing.
    Customize my castle, or my wizard's tower would take me busy, burn lot of money and keep me interested and motivated even more. Also because, at certain point your gear it's done but since you have nothing to do, you risk to be bored.

    Characters Slots:
    I personally think that every game nowdays gives you at least 1 slot x class without asking money for that and WITHOUT any chance to get a new slot. I'd like to try more classes but even if I do I don't find any way to get a new character slot, so I'm stuck with my chars which are geared already and with nothing worth to do. Would be a great plus if we could roll more chars and being busy for more time and experiencing something new.
    While this is a great post, it's also edging into territory that I didn't really want. I just want to know the kind of game you'd like to see. To summarize, you want to see more diversity and less tediousness - you want interesting but rewarding raids, you want dungeons that give you rewards fairly quickly, an easier time storing things (items, familiars, characters), and you want to make mark crafting a bigger thing.

    Thank you for the post.
    Well, i think i can speak for all that all those would be what everyone dreams to have in all mmos they play. However with this game, i would like to see a less RGN and more skill based game overall.
  • Heroic refining stone

    How the hell are they supposed to work?
    I keep getting the "you can't use that" message, and I have both heroic and legendary gear.
    Go see Casey in Hakanas Crossing at the market district. Hes your refining guy. The piece has to be at least +15 to be refined.

  • Legendary Dungeon Drop Rate and The Game's Future

    It took a while but baellus is finally showing signs of emptiness. Kellwoods always had a crowd hanging around and now nobody is there. I dont see the crowds in front of the lower level dungeons anymore grinding gold and even the bots are giving up and moving out.

    It may be wishful thinking but im still optimistic that this game will turn it around some day and regain its pop but its looking pretty bleak right now.
  • Heroic Familiar Temper Soul Crystal

    So you see folks......

    Thats why I sacrificed myself to this so that all the others out there with this question could get it answered no matter the cost of one's pride....or the measure of over - complication involved.

    Thank you.