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  • Extend Halloween event

    No, let this event leave. Being left behind is the players fault....and choice.

    Let's please move on.
  • Taming system...

    It's not a guarantee. Win some, lose some. I have bigger things to worry about than your failed tames.
    Fixed that for you.
  • Love the diversity

    Some of us could care less about running anything legendary right now.....so no.....not everyone will look the same.

    Ill just stick to my lonely casual play style and be happy.
  • Pls BAN ""

    You might want to just delete this post. Its against forum rules to name and shame people for any reason what so ever. Youve even gone as far as to link a facebook url. Im not sure who is more disturbed....him or you.

    Heres the forum code :

    Heres the exact rule in that code :
    - Witch Hunt or call out thread against other Riders, Guilds and Alliances are not permitted.
  • Tempering

    I read in discussion where players always comment make sure you temper and seal gear. What do you folks think most others were too stupid to understand the tutorials in game??

    My gear(frozen) is currently tempered to +9/20 for most of it.

    Why not more?? At level10 it is permanently bound to you, no trading or AH, extract it or sell it to a NPC for squat.

    At rank 10 the real pain starts, 10 Elluns for "insurance" to keep from "breaking or detempering gear.

    How many pieces of gear for a standard player?? Guards and Sins have two hand items, both of which need the same xx / lvl to "insure".

    How many Elluns are needed to protect and insure that if not tempering fails that you get a full set of + 20 gear??

    Talk about a money grab, yeah I can farm for Elluns at the rate of about 7 / day, but how many would I need total?? How long would it take??

    How much money does it equate into if you just buy the Elluns wiht NX(which is purchased whit real cash)??

    Your folks gaming model sucks massive amounts of wind, no wonder you have no player base!!
    This gaming model has been around for years now......where have you been. Its the way mmos have been turning for ages because of the folks that have no problems spending their money where they want.

    Its a fact that companies will turn to this type of business being that they will get more cash from a player than the normal 15 bucks a month for a sub. This is nothing new and it will continue to trend like this from now on.