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  • Fairness of Server vs. Server PVP area.

    iJustAm wrote: »
    i believe i have already stated that, you just dont know to read

    "instead of distributing new players to other servers, they allow people to go to baelles" because like you said people telling people where to go, hence the more people hence the one sidedness, hence is it starting to make sense ? XD

    if youre familiar with other mmo's what they do is offer 50% more xp fora limited time or other rewards to servers with low population so people go there, it helps.

    I read clearly what you wrote.

    You are still living in your little delusional world. Other mmos.....yes, the several others that i have been a part of.......dont force anybody to certain servers because one is popped more than the others. No game developer will cut off a server like that unless the pop reaches cap....which this game will not achieve at this time.

    Ill repeat, no game developer will force distribute players to other servers to alleviate population issues. Thats pretty much what you want Nexon to do.....its never going to happen. Players should always have the choice to go where they want to go...period.

    Any type of extremely good compensation, perk or a golden carrot on a stick to properly distribute players to other servers im sure would be welcomed by a few players......but only as an option only.

    As with a few other posters here have mentioned...you cant be swayed when challenged on topics you bring to this forum. I will simply do as they are and no longer reply to your extensive ad hominem and hyperbole. I dont have time for it.

    Now i must go work on my wizard that im, in fact, having fun with.
  • Elloras Spire ... LADDER?

    KamiMed wrote: »
    Reached level 13 with my wiz not so much geared, ran till 8th floor with my new lv 50 priest (with only 5 heroic seals) Priest which could easily pair the wiz if didn't a stupid mistake. :)<br />
    Said so, if you are good at playing and with a bit of gear and know your class and the gear / spec it's good too, you should be able to do something in the instance.<br />
    <br />
    Even so, I agree that those which temper by spending money have a huge advantage. That's why ladders should be done with standard equip for everyone, show me your real skill.. Shouldn't be that way? :)<br />
    ====================================<br />
    <br />
    Is your heal actually healing 30% or it gives you less at full charge ? I ask because on koroshimo, on my priest I get ~5-10% at full charge, because of that I cannot even pass the 2nd floor.

    This was my result also. I did finally get to the 3rd floor but now its learning the fight, so with some practice i may be able to get higher. It does in fact seem like a lot of work for little reward though. I think the spire needs a slight tweak.....nothing major but just a tweak.
  • Is it possible to recover a deleted character?

    You could try to submit a ticket with as much specific information as possible. Its worth a shot.

    The good thing is that the toon was only 33. Other than losing some items you bought, the damage is minimal if Nexon cannot help you.
  • The Drop Rate once again

    I find some of these first time posters's threads entertaining. And, to top it off.....applying a foolish poll on the thread that nobody can take seriously no matter how hard they try to.

    I think there should be a new section added to this forum for these people. Im at a loss what it would be called....give me a minute to think this over.
  • pay to win

    So many says it's not P2W and yet now we can buy those 100% temp stones in shop..
    oh and incase someone dont know what most people say is P2W, then go look at something like http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win
    Who are "most" people. Do you have an exact number of how many people you're referring to?

    In my honest opinion, I believe that this group of people you speak of are a tiny minority compared to the mass still playing. Your small minority waste their time spewing useless energy while the majority of the population is making better use of their time and playing the game.

    Why dont you do the same.