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  • So...... not trying to cause a stir but..

    Why do players defend this lame game??

    Hey, how about we don't want to pay the insurance PERIOD. If your game requires me to temper a weapon or armor to advance it to full potential but has the ability to reduce temper of even break it, then I am playing the wrong game, no matter which country it originates in. Some regions don't have toilet paper and use their left hands ......................

    The western player immediately sees the pay walls here and the stupidity in breaking a weapon I worked for in normal game play. I =got as a drop, how dare you break it or downgrade it while I try to upgrade it!! That is Stupidity on over drive!!

    It screams pay wall, buy Elluns for TEMPER INSURANCE, spend real money to get guaranteed stones that want fail!!

    No there are not going to be any more Ellun quest for upper level players. You folks are hooked and you need to pay for your fix(Elluns).
    The devs have hit a point in which they have alienated MOST of the player base and paying customers are fewer and farther between, so cut off the Ellun quest for upper level players and they will either buy Elluns out right or pay for premium service in order to increase Elluns earned, either way they get your money.
    Them folks didn't do this game out of the goodness of their hearts, they need to get paid and if you folks are not going to cooperate then they will just turn up the pain!!

    As far as earning those Elluns through those daily's, lets be realistic about that, the craft of the day, easiest, the tame 3 familiars within 3 lvls of your toon can be difficult if you do not have familiar space open, the kill xxxx monsters, the first one yeah, but 500 monsters took almost 3 hrs last night, never saw the 1000 reward, I have a life, the clear Eleite / Heroic dungeon can be done provided your toon has access to the dungeon, hard tor a lvl 10 toon to clear the breach!!
    Don't act like those daily's are a cake walk, they are not!!
    You're helpful one moment and bantering the next. If you think think this game is so lame then why do you continue to put yourself through the misery of playing. Why continue to post constant negativity and drivel all over this forum. I really dont understand why every mmo have folks like you that try their best to make everyone's gaming or forum experience so incredibly dreadful.

    Go play something else....please...for your sanity, and all of ours.
  • pay to win

    The game has become very play to win, with items in the cash shop, such as Defensive Talisman very annoying. Cash more and more impacting in the game.
    Your first post was to make a rant about p2w? This is a micro-transaction game thats no different than any other ftp mmo.

    I think you posted in the wrong forum section. You need to go here:
  • Thread locking

    Does anyone else feel they lock threads in this forum way too much? I mean jeez, right when they get juicy they just lock them down. I am putting this in the off topic thread and you watch, they will lock this one too. I mean look at the rants and raves section. Locked posts in there? We can't even rant and rave in the rants and raves section without getting locked. That is all I have for the off topic post. Thank you.
    Actually, many of those threads in the rant and rave section were already locked in other sections prior to the rant and rave section being made. They were moved there afterwards. Any threads made there afterwards may have become flame discussions in one way or another im guessing. I dont know, i dont waste time in that section as there is nothing constructive in there to read.....yet.

    My guess is that even if its a rant or rave, it shouldnt get disrespectful or demeaning towards anything or anyone. I would assume thats the juicy part you're speaking of. A rant or rave can still get the point across but be in the lines of a more constructive mentality.

    If you're going there looking for a fight then yea, look forward to having everything you write cut off.

    As for the other threads being locked....im guessing that our mods dont feel like constantly baby sitting threads with touchy subjects or the constant bashing that all the threads recently seem to engage on. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • What does the guide suggest??

    Heres a snickers bar..........you get really cranky when you're hungry.
  • Ranger's Fury Trailer and Registration

    Finally.....now all the doom and gloomers can be quiet and play their new content.