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  • Familiar Farms - Finally - thank you :)

    My Haunted Bat levelled also when I was offline.. Something is not working or they gave us a wrong info?
    You have to be online to get the familiar formula buff only. You don't have to be online to level a familiar up on the farm. I leveled an apocalypse offline as well. I hope that's intended.
  • P2W is real

    Since this game allow any player to enjoy it at full without the real need to pay, I can't define RoI as P2W game.
    So using real money to buy NX plus items then selling them in the AH isn't p2w.. wake up pls..
    Your statement makes no sense. There are a lot of games out there that folks buy items with real money and sell them on the AH. I really dont see an issue here either. As long as the gold is made and spent legitimately then whats the big worry.

    Two things here: One, Sark is just whining again and two, people have this idea that their game is being affected by others spending their cash the way they want to.

    As mentioned, go earn it free style.
  • Quiting the game and community

    @HiltoftheDragon I edited one word from your post. Please refrain from using profanity on these forums.
    A good mod would have at least replaced the, so called profanity as you claimed, to a more acceptable word instead of just removing it. You didnt edit anything. You simply removed a word. Ill watch my language but try to at least do the job correctly.
  • Quiting the game and community

    The bottom line is that this guy has complaining about this game for many weeks. He's angry because the game isn't tailored to his play style.

    Casual player? It's more being a content locust in my opinion. Thats what you get for blowing through the game like that. I bet you blow through all games like that.....and they all get boring.

    Nobody cares that you're leaving. Just leave and save us the headache of reading your drivel.
  • Why is this even a thing? RIP guildmate

    They should transition all stats in this game beneficial to all classes in one form or another. It would eliminate this whole awful RNG problem to a certain extent.