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  • Randomize is a thing Nexon

    When they were giving out free skins for mounts I got the black wolf skin every time. When they were giving out heroic marks I got Aisha's Will every time.

    The odds do seem against getting the same two familiars in the instance three times in a row.

    I have been wondering recently why you see broadcast message for the same tame several times in a row. Did they all spawn at once with people on every channel ready to pounce? Does the server buffer broadcast messages and send them out in one bundle? Yesterday I saw three Canniphage tame messages within seconds of each other.

    Probably just my conspiracy theorist brain working overtime but it seems a bit odd. I need a new tinfoil hat! bleh, it would probably have 3x evasion ;p
  • Let's get realistic

    I do think they need to re-examine the scenario where if a player gets killed in the final seconds of the battle and the boss dies, that person that is running back gets no loot or credit for the kill.
  • Dual-boxing [TOS] violation?

    We have three different accounts on different pc's running at the same on the same IP and have never had an issue.
  • Lair continuous resetting entries

    I dunno.

    I cannot get the quest again even though it has been 24 hours and I show 3/3 on Lair.

    I really think we need a test server to test before going live. Give people a few elluns as compensation to log some time on the test server. Much less expensive than having customers just walk away.
  • [UPDATE SEPT 8] Lair of Ienos + Ellora's Shop

    There Are MANY people out there that like Solo PvE, and Like to solo instances intended for party (I like that as well) its good to have a chance to get something Decent like mount or items, without having to be in a Group or in a Raid,Not Everyone is in Guild and you cannot always find party even if you are and sometimes dungeons like CoV take really long.
    Also Solo is good to test ones skill so i definately Welcome Any Solo Content.

    Exactly how I feel. We asked for an instance to provide solo players a chance at taming some mounts that would otherwise be out of our reach unless you are in a good group or a guild.

    The development team really stepped up to the plate and made it happen. Thank you to everyone who listened and made it a reality.