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In order to deal with this issue with a faster approach, we require from our community of Steam players to do the following steps so we do not have to wait for the normal channels that very well could extend the process greatly. Setps 1) Find the GameGuard folder copy and zip it or just find the erl logs copy and zip 2) Send a ticket through support with the zip file or create a mediafire file and send it as an attachment with the ticket 3) If you are a discord user, you can DM GM/Kakesu the link to the medifire zip file (best faster solution) * If you opt for this method (step 3) make sure to add you IGN and server to the GM or it will not be of use


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  • Availability of 2 Familiar Skins

    I will attempt to get that information, Rider!

  • Make Stygaea WB Safe Zone Area

    Will be forwarding your suggestion to the team for review, Rider! Thank you!

  • success rate of relic appraisal

    It is an end-game item and as such it will not be easy to attain best results. However, it was lowered from 82g to 5g per attempt that is AMAZINGLY good! <3 I was one of those that spent thousands of gold trying when it first came out :s

    I will submit a request to reconsider the fail rate but since is an end-game item lets just hope!!!

  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - May 31, 2018


    First, from the time maintenance was completed to the time my last post was made is the time frame where Riders posted information and we were made aware of it, therefore, some answers are always typed/or written in that manner as "we are aware" because we get feedback quickly from our Riders through different media and regardless of that fact the information is distributed as it happens.

    Secondly, if you are implying that Nexon is deliberately applying these patches knowing or having prior knowledge that will cause these issues specifically or something game breaking and not telling our members just to upset the player and/or wanting to create any other problem purposely, I will tell you that you are incorrect.

    Let's not nitpick comments to purposely create or aggravate a situation needlessly. We were made aware and we shared the information as it occurred and also informed our steps regarding those specific issues.

    Please back to the topic and if anything else needs to be said PM (private message) at any time, Rider.


    Our Dev's are in KST time and most of our team as well, so information will be later on. I will forward anything related to this subjects as I get any relevant data, sorry for the inconveniences, and thank you as all always, Riders!

  • Problems with World boss raid

    The issue is being worked on and a solution will be available as soon as the fix is tested. Sadly I have no news to when it will be implemented, Rider!