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  • Shop issue


    I suggest you to ASAP submit a ticket to support detailing as much information as possible. https://support-icarus.nexon.net/hc/en-us

  • Crossbow crafting

    Different dungeons and WB's drop a variety of recipes but since the lootable content is random and depending on what you need, it could mean that these sources are not being farmed on a high daily basis, that may very well be the cause of scarce recipes, since is RNG on top of a ratio of kills of WB's and dungeons ran overtime. Also, keep in mind that the Spire does have some peculiar recipes that are not common to the open world in different regions so that may be an option also for you.

    Needless to say, I am only being so general because you didn't detail exactly what are you looking for in specific, as for example; I have looted the Karasha bow and the recipe from the Spire and the Tyrant Xbow and recipe from ToS.

    I hope this helps!

  • [COMPLETED] Unscheduled Maintenance - February 13


    The following announcement was made at 11:22 am by GM Arch_Angel today!

    1. Uninstall Nexon Launcher.
    2. Download and Install Nexon Launcher.
    (Note: Do not use an old Nexon Launcher installer)
    3. Re-install the game.
    If you cannot launch the game please refer to steps 1-2.
    4. Repair your game client using Nexon Launcher.
    (This should automatically download the update of your game)

    If all of these still do not work please inform us (the GM's) ASAP
  • Issue with healing energy of low stam pet.

    I will have to test that before voting! Can you give more details if possible?

    Edit: Remember is always the left control key, not the right one, just in case (haha)
  • Best classes

    I moved your thread here because will be seen faster and the topic falls under general discussion, regardless, since you are just gathering information of overall classes to make a choice.

    I will be biased because I only play a wizard. Is a great class as an easy way to heal your self and some minor healing to aid the teams that you play on, but also mana recovery for the Priest class that heals you or your team way faster and also your pets are healed by the Priest class ;). Is good for kitting due to its blink ability and is normally set as a glass cannon for DPS purposes (you can change that depending on how you build your talent tree and seals alike). Wizards are not as easy as other classes or as strong but are very fun to play with!!! <3 As a wizard you possess a variety of AoE skills, shields, and other fun stuff you need to find out.

    Soon, other community members will provide you with other details about this class or others, but keep in mind that is always what you like not what others tell you is the best. My self I have always like ranged and/or magical classes, your past experiences in other MMO's will tell or guide you to your choice unless you are looking for a completely fresh start.

    Tomorrow we have the Patch update for our new class the Shaling Magician. There is no better fresh start than that since in our western version of the game is new and you could be among the first ones to give us feedback about this new class ;)

    I hope that I helped you somewhat and wish you happy hunting, Rider!