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  • Best classes

    I moved your thread here because will be seen faster and the topic falls under general discussion, regardless, since you are just gathering information of overall classes to make a choice.

    I will be biased because I only play a wizard. Is a great class as an easy way to heal your self and some minor healing to aid the teams that you play on, but also mana recovery for the Priest class that heals you or your team way faster and also your pets are healed by the Priest class ;). Is good for kitting due to its blink ability and is normally set as a glass cannon for DPS purposes (you can change that depending on how you build your talent tree and seals alike). Wizards are not as easy as other classes or as strong but are very fun to play with!!! <3 As a wizard you possess a variety of AoE skills, shields, and other fun stuff you need to find out.

    Soon, other community members will provide you with other details about this class or others, but keep in mind that is always what you like not what others tell you is the best. My self I have always like ranged and/or magical classes, your past experiences in other MMO's will tell or guide you to your choice unless you are looking for a completely fresh start.

    Tomorrow we have the Patch update for our new class the Shaling Magician. There is no better fresh start than that since in our western version of the game is new and you could be among the first ones to give us feedback about this new class ;)

    I hope that I helped you somewhat and wish you happy hunting, Rider!

  • Velzeroth Down?

    We have knowledge of the current situation and it's been addressed as we speak.


    Cuddlewings is not part of the RoI team any longer, Rider!
  • Cannot buy anything NX Plus

    This may help with your questions, Rider!

    Additionally, you will encounter that there is a NX monthly cap, for more information contact CSC.
  • Scheduled Maintenance - February 27, 2018


    I understand the frustration with the current issues that are affecting the game. A reason why I carefully chose to pass down certain news is to prevent misinformation and as a moderator, I only know so much. Is better not to post inaccurate information and wait for the proper communications, as a rule.


    At this point, we know of all of these problems affecting our community and is a work in progress at the moment. I wish I could say something else or provide some light on the situation but sadly I cannot. I will post what I can but mostly will be the new CM when authorized to do so (NDA's and all).

    I can only confirm that I am in NA and from my client/game;
    • Dice board - present
    • Collect the first reward (talisman) - Yes
    • Alsacian Blessing - present - The Icon - Not operational - Feedback from users
    • Gwen & Lance - Not present

  • Will there be major update next month?


    First of all, thank you for staying with RoI and the community for so long, Rider! <3

    Now, these conditions that you explain here are the same for any game once any player reaches cap level, RoI is not immune to that sadly :( However, is easy to say that there is nothing to do without exploring the type of farming or runs you do as a single player or individual.

    Farming depending on what you go for can be extremely long hours and tedious for example if you go for Mysterious fragments. Also, If you farm for marks materials can be days (tricolor essence for example considering dungeon timers and luck to encounter and/or tame a legendary horse). Another farming chance are the instanced dungeons Shaddy Warrens, Braghin Mines and Paradise island, needless to say, those alone are 35 minutes on daily basis. We also need to consider the Lair of Ma' art and the Lair of Ienos which take a few minutes depending on the mode you wish to run the dungeon to acquire the intended Key Stone.

    Ellun farming is another way t o extend time playing the game!

    The event you mention or our current event the Rascally Sainted Rabbini I do agree is not tweaked like it should but is something else to do besides the regular farming! Also, we do have other events going as for the Ellandfel Dungeon (is now doable)and World’s Unite event. This consume some time on a daily basis as well.

    In addition to these events we also have from time to time events that are directly from Nexon as for; Winter Wonderland Fanart Contest, Mount Skin Design Contest, and so on.

    All I am trying to say is this;
    We can't judge an entire community by the random isolated conditions of one individual within the community. Now, Nexon do take into consideration every comment that is posted and take decisions with those comments on the table. Sometimes is not as the community expects but contracts and agreements ought to be satisfied.

    We do understand that our community wants more of the game but, as I explained before on my prior post,
    Cream wrote: »
    In a non official capacity; I can say that major updates are apparently slowing down as we reach real end game according to our counterparts KR/JP. As we know, we have a number of areas that need to be revised, fixed and/or update at our current state. As a player I do want more content but, have to realise also that our version is going at a faster rate than our counterparts.

    Despite of my opinions here I want to say that all of your comments/posts are checked and properly taking into consideration according to its usefulness.

    We thank you for your time and consideration always!

    Have a nice day!