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  • Pardon Our Dust - Child Forums

    DatZebra wrote: »
    1. what is a child browser ?
    2. how does one detach a browser?
    3. what what what what?

    Child Forums are little sub categories that are tucked under the main topic section.
    This keeps the forums from being too long. :-)


    It depends on what browser you are using. But decaching them will make them appear if you do not see it.

  • What we can wait for in near future?

  • We need more content

    xy44 wrote: »
    - its a shame @cuddlewings no longer works here or @cream else things might get noticed a little bit. - Sadly. the devs dont read or care about its player-base. and thats just sad!.. a few minor tweeks to the game could make this a million people hit.. EASY!

    I wasn't aware that I don't work on Icarus anymore. :-D

    We're working on getting a DEV Blog ready to give Riders a scope of what is coming up.
    As soon as we ready we will post it up and make announcements.

  • [Q&A] Mount Skin Design Contest

    Hirtelen wrote: »
    I have a serious question: What if, if I saw the contest description on July 14, I started working on my skin that day (July 14), unfortunately, I got autobanned on July 16 accidentally and unbanned on July 18, but I uploaded my skin on July 21? Did I make it wrong because I uploaded my skin? I am very confused now and my vibe started getting lower and lower... :(
    Please, don't disqualify me! I got autobanned because of a really stupid thing that I haven't even heard about before! I didn't cheat, bot, hack or anything, I'm never going to do such thing like that, mostly these days because I was drawing for the contest!
    I am sorry for this request but I would really appriciate that if my working was not be useless ( I hope you can understand what I wrote)

    If you are not Perma Banned from the game, you are welcome to enter the contest.
    MlB wrote: »
    Since skins have grades in game (Common, elite, heroic, legendary)... What will these user-made skins fall into? Will we get to decide the rank if it is implemented into game? Just a slight curiosity.

    The developers and our game team will decide on the grade. The quality/creativity of skins created by Riders are most likely going to be placed in the Heroic/Legendary category.
    Duana wrote: »
    Something I was wondering - Do the people who win the grand prize receive the 5 extra skins in storage, or do they have to message you with the names of the people they'd like to send the skins to? If the latter, can they choose people from other servers to gift a skin to, or is it restricted to the server of the character you enter as? Also, thanks for the references! ^^

    The GPWs will have to message us with the names of Riders they wish the skin to be issued to. This will not be restricted by server.
    Adrift wrote: »
    I have a question. I have done vegarus scorpion skin ..I realized is not on the list ..am I still ok ? Or do I need to submit a different familiar skin?

    You can submit your entry for Vegarus. We aren't restricting the types of mounts you can submit for so post your design for any.
    one last question,when it means "DO NOT include text in your concept design" does that mean i can't do anything like label parts of an armor?

    Thank you very much for the references by the way.

    You can label items with text. We want to avoid putting logos or text on the actual mount.
    This might sound like a stupid question, but how do I post a picture along with my comment? My skin is ready , but i don't know how to post my picture :/

    You will need to upload your image on a site such as imgur. As long as you have the BB Code with the link you will be able to post it.

  • Lucky Coin Shop/Familiar Skin Shop

    I think we are due for an update on the skins from the Lucky Boxes and the coin merchant. We'll forward this to the team to consider.