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  • Wiz Vs Sin

    Buff frozen blessing at right time>fear>if fear connects>meteor combo=Assassin is dead...If fear doesnt connect>Bombs combo>Lances=assassin is dead
    If assassin deside to kite you and you didnt managed to CC and burst him=you loose
    Most of assassins will just try to CC/burst you with shield on and die like rams.
    Ofc you need to have a good gear to burst high HP sins.
    Wizzard is best 1 vs 1 class atm,there is really no class you cant kill if you have arms.
  • The Joke Patch

    I dont see any problem with PvP,you can be killed by group and you can kill entire group with explosive shot.
    And no,you dont have to pay real money for tempering...They gave a lot of achievements for elunes,to temper your weapon to 20 and rest of your gear to 15.
    I dont see any problem with alliances either,im playing in a guild with 4 ppl...On the first day of patch i was running solo,killed 360 ppl,died 23 times and got bored.
  • No recipes were added with tier 3/4 crafting!

    Alchemy was the reason ppl asked to add lvl 3-4 crafting because regening health and mana in combat for players with high health was impossible with lvl 2 pots...
    But of course adding higher lvl pots would negativly impact sales of 100% elunes pots and such,so it was removed.
    Im done.
  • Frost Command/Dungeon Gear Bound-on-Pickup

    They dont need to fix stats to be class only....What they really need to fix is a friggin increased chance on caster loot to roll STR and DEX and melee loot to roll WIS and INT.
    I got around 40 Wizzard items in FK and only 2 of them had INT,same crap with my other friends,people are not idiots...Its crystal clear that rolls was made that way intentionaly to prolong content.
  • Frost Command/Dungeon Gear Bound-on-Pickup

    Drops in Frost keep were heavily nerfed,drop rates in this game are connected with coins drop,more % directly affect amount of cash.
    Previous tier dungeon drop 8 silver per mob on heroic 1 and frost keep mobs drop 2 silver instead of 10- 15 silver that they should....And what do we have? 1/6 of normal drop rates,which make bosses drop nothing but silver and entire set that is BoP.
    Today i was soloing first 2 bosses in frost keep on heroic 2,i made 2 runs and spent a lot of time kitting them around...First run gave me 1 white item and 1 blue item,second run gave me 1 yellow item for priest with double strength and dexterity.