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  • Passing The Torch

    Welcome PuffyHuff hope u will have a good time with us. ^^
  • Flight of the CuddleWings

    It was a fun time with u cuddles best of luck for ur future.
  • [FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

    IGN: Neora

    Server: Koroshimo

    Familiar Type: Thunderwolf

    Skin Name: Royal Torkai



    Royal Torkai is a idea based on one of my favorite colours and an idea that i got when i was on vacation for 2 days we visited a great Castle, a lot of gold was processed to build many of the decorations there it looked all so beautiful that i really wanted to create a skin with gold in it. But just gold was a bit too much so i was thinkin about a 2nd colour who would match with the gold the first idea was to add red colour because i saw a really great curtain with gold and red in the castle but then i was thinking that we already got a quite red magma torkai so i wanted to do something different and that was the moment when i was thinking about the name for the skin because of the castle and all the glory in it i named him Royal Torkai and then i finally found the colour i was looking for a royal dark blue it matched perfekt with the gold. I also wanted to create a rather simple skin by just changing the colours at first i was thinking abut adding some armor but because of not much time atm. i decided to let it natural so i just changed the colours from white and purple to royal dark blue and gold the flames on the feed are also golden of course the rune discs too. Because i just changed the colours i dont think i need to make a front and back view.

    The Rune Krowns:

    Hi everyone i take a little more time to do the Rune Krowns there hover above the Royal Torkai skin instead of the rune discs i was thinking about making this for a while now but i was not shure if its makeable so i made the first picture with the normal rune discs just in gold and the rune krowns on a extra one so u can see the details better if its possible to change the rune discs into this rune krowns it would be really nice if its not possible im happy with the normal rune discs too of course and i cant paint the whole picture because my golden pen got empty so just imagine all the remaining white not painted parts in gold, and a golden light effekt around the rune krowns the same one u can see on some other mounts and pets in the game.

    Hope u like my design and good luck to everyone!
  • Lv. 40 Legendary Mark Box

    Yeah i was so exited about this box hoping for a traes or tagris mark...

    At least they should make the drop rate higher the marks craftable or some other options to get the marks... this dragons are one of my fav. Mounts in this game and there are ridiculous hard to get.
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    I hope we see the legendary scroll soon too because of the new pvp mounts the t rex like one is legendary and if there are as hard to get as Pyludd, Megantes and Vylet we REALLY need them.

    Keep up the good work riders of icarus. <3