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  • Lucky Box Mounts

    Thats exactly how i want it and ur post shows that im not the only one who think thats a good idea. Im not against this lucky boxes its a good thing u can buy some items for ingame gold but some mounts are so expensive in the ah buying some mounts from gold and some with real money is a good mix i think.

    Buyed mounts from the ah that worth 75 bugs atm. So if there are not putting some lucky box mounts sometimes in the shop too there loosing more money than they can make with them.

    I know this from a lot of other games first the new items are getting in such boxes and then there selling the items in the shop for the people who dont want to spent there real money for a chance of the pixels there want or for the people who didnt have the luck to get out of the box what there wanted i dont have a problem to buy it to a higher price if i get what i want to 100%.
  • What do you want to see out of this game?

    I want to see more options to get lucky box items like people who didnt get the things out that there wanted or didnt wanna spent there money in those boxes there can get the items in the next month in the shop like every week one mount, pet and skin etc...
  • Lucky Box Mounts

    So the first Lucky Box is now like 2 months ago and not one of this mounts is available in the shop. Im not against this Boxes its a good thing u can get some mounts for ingame gold but its too much if u have to farm for every single mount because there dont buyable in the shop.

    Knowing so much people who want to buy the mounts from the shop asking me when they see me on Radesh where i get him and if he ever will be available again.

    So i hope im not the only one to refuse to buy the Lucky Boxes and we can see this mounts someday in the shop.
  • Amber Raven?

    That's really a bad joke if u want to collect all the mounts in this game and u cant because of something like this. xD got every shop mount so far even the founder mounts so pls no mounts u only can buy with a specific level...