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  • the 40 potions from the premium service

    Thank you Cream. I will submit a ticket and relay the info to the others who are having this problem.
  • taming tagris...and common curtesy.

    There were two of us riders who had been trying to tame tagris since it spawned. And suddenly out of nowhere comes this rider on a tagris and tamed it right out from under us. What happened to the common curtesy to not tame something when it is obvious there are others ahead of you trying to do the same. This leaves a sour taste about trying to tame the legendary mounts. This has happened twice to me and frankly, it is ruining the game for me. The kill steals and the familiar steals are just wrong. I feel like I have wasted time that I could be leveling to chase a dream.... -.-
  • level limits to enter heroic dungeons?

    Thank you @Cream. It has been so long since I ran the lower level dungeons I didn't remember that there was a level limit.
  • No Maintenance?

    Tecia wrote: »
    I dont know under what topic it should go so I guess it can be a general chat.
    It has been now a week since we got the disconnect issue back, with the ridiculous loot nerf. I was really hoping that there will be a maintenance for this tomorrow but there is nothing on the web. Are we really going to have to wait one more week to fix an issue that has been fixed before? There is absolutely no reason for most of us to play, considering the loot of L5 new dungeon is just ridiculous and there is no other new thing. Also, patch is out for a month now, still same issues as when it came out, with a few new ones.
    GrizzlyUK wrote: »
    Well it sure looks as thought there is no maintenance this week. It's now 5 weeks since the Shadows of Turimnan update was released and the constant server disconnections started! :( I'll not waste my time trying to list all the other bugs and problems that Shadows of Turimnan introduced into the game despite the fact that Nexon delayed Shadows of Turimnan from the initial targetted release of August to September without saying anything, then announced the release for September and a few days later Nexon delayed again to October to "polish" the game so that they could ensure the best possible experience for all players! So what we get as the best possible experience is constant server disconnections that make it virtually impossible to play! Not to mention the fact that many have paid for Premium Service which is now wasted because it's virtually impossible to play due to the constant server disconnections!

    Nexon, as has become somewhat standard for them, remained silent up until three DAYS ago when they finally announced: Disconnection Issue in all Servers where they stated "we are hoping for your patience and kind understanding with regards to this matter" but they didn't actually apologise for the constant server disconnections that make the game virtually unplayable! After more than three weeks of server disconnections it seemed as though Nexon may have finally resolved the server disconnections, but then last weeks maintenance happened and the server disconnections were brought back!

    So, we're now at 5 weeks and counting of constant server disconnects, that's 5 weerks of lost Premium Service, that's 5 weeks of Premium Service that we've paid for! Still Nexon are saying nothing other than that one single announcement to let us know that Nexon are aware of the issue and to ask us for our "patience and kind understanding". Well Nexon, that was too little too late!!! I have zero patience and kind understanding left with these constant server disconnections! I want serious compensation for the wasted Premium Service and I do NOT want a few garbage virtual items that someone at Nexon thinks will be good enough to placate everyone!!

    OK, rant over. I guess there's no maintenance this week because Nexon are still trying to figure out just what they broke with the Shadows of Turimnan update that has caused the constant server disconnections ever since then! Yes there are plenty of other bugs and problems that Nexon also needs to fix, but when the players can't even play because of constant server disconnections then that has to take priority, mainly because after 5 weeks of this many players are just quitting and walking away from RoI as well as anything and everything that Nexon are involved in!

    I do so very much agree with you two. I last week I was able to stay connected at least 10 min before disconnect. Today I cannot even stay connected long enough to kill ONE monster. This is getting ridiculous! So much for the premium service I have lost and the time on the other premium items I stupidly put on last week. I refuse to spend any more money on the game, just to waste it on times I cannot stay connected long enough to benefit. I sure hope they fix this soon! I don't know how much longer I can have patience with this issue. I cannot enjoy a game I cannot stay connected to....And the whole idea of gaming is enjoyment....Nexon needs to remember this as their player base continues to drop.
  • removal of Mcbains quests

    Thank you for clarifying this for me. the only part that stood out was the removal of the coins. Kind of freaked me out since I rely on the merchant so much.
    Thank you again, Cream